MEDICINE HEAD – Fiddler’s Anthology Greatest Hits Live

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Medicine Head Fiddler's Anthology Greatest Hits Live


1. Rising Sun
2. Pictures In The Sky
3. One More Chance To Run
4. One And One Is One
5. Big Drift Away
6. Only The Roses
7. Strong Heart
8. His Guidin’ Hand
9. Back Where I Started
10. Indian Queen
11. Slip And Slide
12. Let The Kids Know









During the summer of 2003 JOHN FIDDLER and DARRELL BATH enthralled an invited audience at a film studio in London where they performed all of the MEDICINE HEAD hits live and more. The “more” includes tracks from John’s BRITISH LIONS, BOX OF FROGS and solo career.

Medicine Head first entered the UK charts in 1971 with ‘Pictures In The Sky’ and had a number of UK Top 20 Hits as well as chart albums. The live recording shows them at their best – playing live and whilst the Hit singles may have diminished over the years the performances of the band continue to entertain and enthral audiences all over Europe and USA.



This CD, with tracks taken from that show, highlights some great music taken from across Fiddler's career. Recorded with ex Ian Hunter Band guitarist Darrell Bath, the duo produce a great sound. Mixing both electric and acoustic guitars, Fiddler also adds vocals and harmonica.

Many of John's bands released singles that get replayed here, including the Medicine Head cuts `Pictures In The Sky' and `One And One Is One' (the latter a top 3 hit).

The music's great, but largely acoustic throughout. It is still very enjoyable and atmospheric, and enjoyed by the audience.

Joe Geesin, (April 2004)

With extensive sleeve notes and an explanation about each song it is as good a read as it is a listen

Neil Makin, Classic Rock Society (May 2004)

...the booklet is extremely good stating who recorded the song and when it was first released...a reflective and enjoyable jaunt through the back catalogue

Feedback (June 2004)

The contents are direct, uncluttered and just as appealing as ever...

Kevin Bryan (June 2004)

Twelve brilliant songs...These two musicians make a tremendous sound and is a gret release from the boys and should captivate a lot of music fans over here as it does in the rest of Europe and the USA

Rimmer, Modern Dance (August 2004)



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