MAGNA CARTA Midnight Blue/Live & Let Live

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MAGNA CARTA Midnight Blue/Live & Let Live


CD1 ‘Midnight Blue’
1. Slowbone Jones
2. Natural Living Man
3. It’s So Easy
4. Have A Nice Day
5. Sting Of the Gin
6. Wind On The Water (with KATE ROBBINS)
7. Written In The Wind
8. Midnight Blue
9. Danny
10. I’ll Walk Mine
11. Strangers In The Land Of Ulysses
12. Cajun Cannonball
13. Little Bit Of My Heart
14. Highway To Spain
15.When All Is Said And Done
16. For The Gypsy
17. Greenfield’s
18. Stop Bringing Me Down
19. Everytime
CD2 ‘Live And Let Live’
1. Airport Song
2. Sponge
3. Abalone Sky-Banjo Man
4. Wind On The Water
5. Tomorrow Is A Long Time
6. Nine Pound Hammer
7. Sun Ain’t Gonna Rise
8. Time For Leaving
9. Call Me the Breeze
10. Only Road Home
11. Fields Of Eden
12. Slow Train

MAGNA CARTA is one of the very few bands who successfully bridged the gap between folk and folk rock. Having formed in 1969 they have achieved worldwide success with 35 albums being released over the past 40 years.

‘Midnight Blue’ was originally released in 1982 and CHRIS SIMPSON (singer, songwriter, guitarist and front man) has lovingly remastered the album whilst also adding bonus tracks of original singles ‘Highway To Spain’ and ‘Sting Of The Gin’ from the same period.

CD 2 ‘Live And Let Live’ spans the bands entire career and highlights classic songs from genres as diverse as folk, rock, blues and pure pop.

Chris has overseen the entire project and been involved in all aspects from track choice, mastering to artwork.



...bridging the divide between folk and pop...

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (October 2010)

...chock-full of fine melodies, refined harmonies... (November 2010)

...lovingly remastered and sounds better than ever...

Music Week (November 2010)

Angel Air have done an excellent job in the packaging and Chris Simpson has worked hard to direct the project, remix the tracks, add an excellent second CD of live music and restructure the main album. The music, as always with Magna Carta, is a joy to listen fine a package as you will find anywhere in sound quality, background information and presentation! (November 2010)

...Angel Air strike pop-rock gold...Midnight Blue offers a mix of classic, light and breezy pop rock sounds...Live & Let Live showcases twelve Magna Carta live performances taken from various live shows recorded between 1992 and 2007. (November 2010)

The album here is expanded into a 74-minute version, with singles Sting Of The Gin and Highway To Spain, plus outtakes...The second disc is a live pot pourri, tracks collected from 2001 to 2007...lots more acoustic guitar picking and nary a synthesiser in sight.

Maverick, December 2010

...Magna Carta rose to fame during the early seventies with their melodic blend of folk and rock that sometimes diverted into pop, prog rock and country tangents, making their work always interesting...a reissue of a 1982 double release that pairs a studio album, recorded at 10cc's own Strawberry Studios, and a live album over two CDs. Both show the band's softer, acoustic side that often integrates a striking harmonic delivery.

Well produced in a multi-fold out gatefold digipack, the CD also arrives with a 20 page colour booklet that provides a brief history of the album plus background of the included tracks. There's also plenty of pictures to spice it up. A welcome reissue of an album that had fallen off the radar since it was reissued by HTD in 1999 and Blueprint in 2001. (February 2011)

...the album underwent a little reshuffling with one original track excised and supplanted witrh two cuts from the same sessions, not to mention a smattering of new compositions - and a whole disc of concert recordings, for the most part from the two last decades. (January 2011)

...theirs is a catalogue of depth and distinction...somewhere between the dazzling sonic sheen of Midnight Blue and the cheering naturalism of Live And Let Live, the essence of Magna Carta's work is there for the taking.

Classic Rock magazine (January 2011)

...simple yet delightful songs (December 2010)

What stands out about Midnight Blue, in addition to the stellar sounding production job and of course the performances of the musicians themselves, is the staggering amount of depth found within these wide ranging compositions... (January 2011)

...transits the acoustic soft-rockers' English patchouli pastorality from the fields and vales of the Old Country to the plains and prairies of the New World in a clear bid to broaden the audience...this textbook exercise in music catalogue presentation should occupy a Sunday morning nicely.

R2 magazine (January 2011)

...gentle folk/country/rock (almost AOR) ... this package is beautifully presented and brimming with extras.

Fireworks magazine (January 2011)

...a polished and musicianly package...

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (March 2011)



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