JAMES WARREN – Burning Questions

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James Warren - Burning Questions


1. Burning Questions
2. Climate Of Treason
3. They Don’t Believe In Magic
4. Possessed
5. I Know Something
6. True Life Confessions
7. It Won’t Be The Same Old Place
8. Loneliness
9. Can you Hear The Spirit Dying?
10. I Want To Remember
11. You Made Me Believe
12. How Did You Know? (featuring Eddie Reader)
13. I’ll Be Here










JAMES WARREN the front man of STACKRIDGE and The KORGIS grew up in Bristol, England and was heavily influenced by the Beatles in his youth.

It was their primary influences that got him into song writing which culminated his writing the classic lover song ‘Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime’.

After enjoying considerable commercial success with Stackridge and worldwide success with The Korgis James recorded his first solo album in 1985.

Now remastered with bonus tracks it is released on CD for the first time ever and over the years this album has become a much sought after item from fans and collectors.

Nick Magnus, Andy Davis, Glenn Tommey, James Warren


The album is strong, if a little dated, but is a good listen. Well annotated and with bonus cuts, it's worth checking out. ***1/2

Joe Geesin www.getreadytorock.com (January 2007)

...Warren’s songwriting has always been notable, but the numbers here put even his past hits to shame. Arguably his strongest songs to date...

All Music Guide (May 2007)



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