JACKIE LOMAX The Ballad Of Liverpool Slim…Plus

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JACKIE LOMAX The Ballad Of Liverpool Slim...Plus


1. Pawn In Your Game
2. There’s A Woman In It Somewhere
3. Spank Yourself
4. Before the Teardrops Start
5. Free At Last
6. Divorce Blues
7. I’m Gonna’ Be There
8. The Blues Made Me Do It
9. The Rabbit And The Gun
10. Baby Slow-Down
11. Blues In The Blood
12. Love Will Find A Way
13. Sour Milk Sea (live)
14. Friend-A- Mine









JACKIE LOMAX is considered to be one of the best white Soul/Rhythm & Blues voices/songwriters to have emerged from the 60′s and 70′s. Added to that he was the very first artist signed to The BEATLES then new label APPLE RECORDS and his debut single was ‘Sour Milk Sea’ written by one GEORGE HARRISON.

Following on from the much publicised demise of Apple Records he joined bands HEAVY JELLY, BADGER and BALLS as well as releasing in the 70′s two much acclaimed solo albums. In 2001 he released his first solo album for over 20 years ‘The Ballard Of Liverpool Slim’ virtually picking up where he had left off-writing and playing R&B, Blues and Soul.

Now expanded with two bonus tracks including a live version of his first Apple single ‘Sour Milk Sea’



...Jackie's first solo album in over 20 years and shows that he had lost none of his vocal power or incisive song writing skills...This CD has never been released in Europe and deserves to be ranked alongside his earlier pair of solo albums Martin Hutchinson, The Bolton News (February 2009)

Pure Soul/Rhythm & Blues at its finest and not depressing at all. Beautifully sang, groovy guitar work, aptly placed brass work, keyboards and a 'get on your groove' style funk; making me click my fingers and softly nod my head to the inspiring sound.

I really do like this album and I really wish I could now go and attend a proper Soul/Rhythm & Blues club with big fat cigars and whisky drinking cowboys.

Fluffmeister, www.getreadytorock.com (March 2009)

...his first solo release in 20 years, restated his love for soul and blues.

Mojo (May 2009)

Lomax's soulful, laid back vocals and bluesy guitar solos are reminiscent of what Eric Clapton has been doing since the '80s...Liverpool Slim is a solid effort from start to finish...

www.classicrockrevisited.com (April 2009)

Still in possession of the vocal chops to do his songs justice, The Ballad...is a decent collection of white boy r 'n' b, soul and southern rock

Steve Caseman, R2 (RocknReel) (May 2009)

...devotees of mellow soulful rock should find much to entertain them...

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (September 2009)



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