HIGH SOCIETY I Never Go Out In The Rain

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HIGH SOCIETY I Never Go Out In The Rain


1. Got To Get Out Of This Rut
2. I Never Go Out In The Rain
3. Sitting On A Rainbow ( Live)
4. A Talk With Your Father
5. The Late Late Train
6. Dancing In The Moonlight
7. Top Hat & Tails
8. Paper Cup
9. Down By The River
10. Madge
11. I Shouldn’t Fall In Love With You
12. I Can Sing High
13. Walking Down The Strand
14. Private Eye
15. Beautiful Evening
16. All My Life I Give You Nothing
17. Mama Said
18. Powder Blue
19. Dance Till Dawn
20. The Late Late Train (Live)
21. Down By The River (Live)












Inspired by the music of the 1930′s HIGH SOCIETY were a refreshing change from the typical pop/rock idiom when they released their debut album in 1980 which featured their UK HIT single ‘I Never Go Out In The Rain’ The group was formed around the nucleus of three talented individuals TERRY CASSIDY (GIN HOUSE & The MONKS) and RICHARD HUDSON and JOHN FORD (The STRAWBS, ELMER GANTRY’S VELVET OPERA, HUDSON FORD and The MONKS).

The band over the years has performed at diverse locations such as Berkeley Square Ball, The Aces Casino in Malaga, The Manhattan Brewery and even a jumbo jet 30,000 feet above the Atlantic.

The band continues to perform their unique repertoire today around the world.



With a sound that owes it's existence to the music and style of the 1930's, High Society's music was a refreshing change from the traditional pop/rock music.

The title track of this retrospective, 21 track CD was a minor hit for the band in November 1980.

Just a quick trawl through the songs shows the sheer musicianship and songwriting genius of these guys.

'Top Hat And Tails' brings to mind Fred Astaire, and 'Paper Cup' is just so… so… stylish.

That's the only word for this band – which incidentally is still in existence.

With crystal clear diction and a sense of style and humour that brings to mind The Pasadena Roof Orchestra and The Temperance Seven, this CD is a breath of fresh air.

Martin Hutchinson, Bolton News (January 2009)

...a great pastiche...think Queen minus camp or Sailor minus schmaltz...brilliant.

www.dmme.net (January 2009)

File under 'curio' ...vocally and musically they are very good.

Jason Ritchie www.getreadytorock.com (February 2009)

...sounding very tongue in cheek, sort of like Penguin Cafe Orchestra meets Rudy Vallee!...As always with Angel Air, the packaging, graphics and notations are excellent

www.mwe3.com (March 2009)

Top hat, tails, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, that's what High Society are about...a style that revives the Tin Pan Alley sounds of the big 30s Silver Screen musicals... Think Temperance Seven or maybe even the Pasadena Roof Orchestra, quirky with a touch of genius.

Amplifier magazine (May 2009)



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