GRAHAM BONNET The Historic Collection Of Graham Bonnet

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GRAHAM BONNET The Historic Collection  Of Graham Bonnet


CD 1
1. Something About You
2. Here Comes the Night
3. Long Time Gone
4. Only One Woman
5. Please Call Me
6. A Change Is Gonna Come
7. I’ll Go Crazy
8. I Go To Sleep
9. Look Don’t Touch
10. Eyes of a Child
11. Don’t
12. What She Says, You Hear It Means
CD 2
1. Night Of The Shooting Star
2. Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live
3. All Night Long
4. Night Games
5. Stand In Line
6. SOS
7. Island In The Sun
8. Jet To Jet
9. Desert Song
10. Starr Carr Lane
11. Samurai
12. Goodnight & Goodbye
13. Skyfire
14. Since You Been Gone
15. Assault Attack
16. Eyes Of The World
17. Hiroshima Mon Amor
18. Lost In Hollywood


CD-1 Here Comes The Night:

‘Here Comes The Night’ was a studio album from 1991 originally recorded while Graham was in Australia, it features a return to the pop format after many years fronting heavy rock acts.

Included here is a re-recording of the Marbles hit “Only One Woman”.

CD-2 Live Around The World:

We present ‘a best of Graham Bonnet live’ at various locations and around the world throughout the years of his considerable career.

These songs musically span his time as a member of Rainbow, Michael Schenker Group, Alcatrazz, Impellitteri and a number of his solo hits.



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