GARY HUSBAND – The Things I See

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Gary Husband - The Things I See


1. The Sixteen Men Of Tain
2. Shadows Of
3. Temporary Fault
4. Out From Under
5. Mr Berwell
6. The Things You See
7. Wish
8. Devil Take The Hindmost
9. Kinder
10. Looking Glass








GARY HUSBAND – one of a rare breed of musicians in that his expression is divided equally in his capacity as a drummer and pianist/keyboardist of international repute. His classical roots, his quest and development in the improvisational, jazz and jazz/fusion areas – not to mention his tenure in the pop, rock, funk and blues circuits – are all evident inside Gary’s distinct and far-reaching musical personality. His solo album and DVD output over the last several years has also reinforced his status as a critically acclaimed writer and arranger in the contemporary music world. Husband is well known for his ongoing contribution to JOHN McLAUGHLIN’s 4th DIMENSION since 2006, (playing keyboards and drums), but his renowned musical partnership with the guitar innovator ALLAN HOLDSWORTH stretches back to 1979.

On this release he rigorously explores and uniquely reworks a selected handful of Holdsworth’s repertoire for piano – some of which he originally performed on as drummer on Allan’s 1982 debut release; I.O.U. Holdsworth’s reaction to hearing this album speaks loudly and passionately – “This recording is beautiful, magic… Upon hearing it I was moved to tears”.


It has been a considerable time since I heard a truly new kind of recording. This is one of those, and in addition it is from a musician whom I have known and admired for many years, not only for his wizardry at the piano, but also for his artistry at the drums! He is an immense musical talent.

JOHN McLAUGHLIN (February, 2001)

This sharply focused album is made entirely from "Interpretations of the Music of Allan Holdsworth", 10 tracks of solo piano played by a musician at the height of his powers... The result is a terrific album, full of flights of virtuosity, clever references to the jazz and classical repertoires and plenty of sonic surprises... Husband has taken possession of Holdsworth's music, but in the friendliest possible way.


Husband's considerable dexterity and fluency, his pianistic elegance and sureness of touch make this album such a memorable exposition of Holdsworth's celebrated approach.

CHRIS PARKER (September, 2001)

You don't have to watch Gary Husband at work for long to realise that he's the kind of artist who pours every personal resource he can tap into his intense and passionate music... Husband is now widely credited for the brilliant pianist he is, and brings out the best of Holdsworth's composer's imagination... Remarkable virtuosity allied with sensitivity.

JOHN FORDHAM (September 2001)



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