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1. Days Of Innocence
2. Ships
3. Ballard By The Irish Sea
4. Just To Get By
5. Sweet Mystery
6. You Smiled
7. Irish Boy
8. Priest Of Love
9. Standing in the Middle
10. You Were One
11. Wrong Side Of Town
12. Newcastle Boy







ERIC BELL is forever linked to THIN LIZZY and the ‘Decca Years’ where he broke the mould with his arrangement of ‘Whisky In The Jar’

Today Eric spends most of his time playing live in UK and Ireland exploring the blues ‘Irish Boy’ was recorded in 1998 and never before released in the UK with its haunting melodies and gripping ‘Blues/Rock’. A master at work.



Of definite interest to fans of early Thin Lizzy and those who like a slow, blues rock style of playing and songs. An album certainly worthy of a proper release all these years later. ***1/2

Jason Ritchie, (January 2008)

...combines traditional Irish themes with a commercial blues album that's easy to listen to and highlights what a good guitarist Bell is.***

Nigel Filby, Diss Express

...a collection of blues rock numbers but manages to be quite mellow and reflective...

Classic Rock Society

The depth of this album reveals itself slowly but the process is rewarding and much enjoyable.

Let It Rock,

Its reflective blues-rock fell is infused with a pervasive Celtic approach that's nourished by some loquacious imagery

The Beat

...the album..has tremendous variety, various songs including elements of reggae, pop, jazz and Irish traditional music as well as blues.

Irish News (February 2008)

Bell's guitar is the centerpiece for this set, but Williams and Golden's beautifully understated work throughout provides the fulcrum for this fabulous set.

All Music (March 2008)

The variety is impressive...Bell's guitar playing is ever apposite, uncliched and perfectly judged

Trevor Hodgett, Blues In Britain (March 2008)

...a whole host of disparate musical influences...a package which should be on the shopping list of every discerning rock fan...

Kevin Bryan, Mid-Sussex Chronicle (March 2008)

...his signature sound lives on every time you hear 'Whiskey In The Jar' and the 12 tracks here prove that it was worth a lot more than that, as well.

Goldmine, March 28 2008 outstanding collection.

RocknReel, (April/May 2008)

Blues Rock...Worth a listen.

Feedback (April 2008)

Now, we're not big fans of blues, but "Irish Boy" is amongst the most impressive white blues albums released in the last few decades we've encountered, mostly thanks to its immediate approach of sticking to the basics while refreshing them with one's heartfelt, native voice...

...This leads us to undisputed star of the recording - Bell's guitar playing: it might be less raw but it is every bit as expressive, delicate and nuanced as we observed while listening to Thin Lizzy's debut

Gut Feeling - Facebook group (October 2012)



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