CULTURE CLUB Live At The Royal Albert Hall 20th Anniversary Concert

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CULTURE CLUB Live At The Royal Albert Hall 20th Anniversary Concert


01 Intro
02 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
03 Black Comedy/I’ll Tumble For You
04 It’s A Miracle
05 Everything I Own
06 Gimme A Sign
07 I Just Wanna Be Loved
08 Talk Amongst Yourselves
09 That’s The Way
10 Black Money
11 Cold Shoulder
12 Move Away
13 Strange Voodoo
14 Church Of The Poisoned Mind
15 Miss Me Blind
16 Victims
17 Starman
18 Karma Chameleon
19 Bow Down Mister
-Band History written by BOY GEORGE
-In depth interviews with BOY GEORGE and JON MOSS
-Rare unseen photos from BOY GEORGE’s
personal photo archives
-Footage from HIT Musical TABOO
-Interviews with fans at The Royal Albert Hall













CULTURE CLUB first came to prominence, during, what we now affectionately call the “Video Age”. The rise of the video was a , colourful cultural postcard and BOY GEORGE knew how to use this medium to the maximum effect.

Since 1982 when JON MOSS visited STEVE LEVINE at his studio to deliver 3 numbers on a “demo” cassette the Band has achieved success on a global scale with initially the Hits coming thick and fast not only in the UK but also America, Europe, Australia and Japan which they also conquered.

As Boy George’s image became increasingly more outrageous-so the Hits just got bigger all over the world.

Boy George said of this historic 20th Anniversary concert at London’s prestige Royal Albert Hall during the summer of 2002 “I shouted at the audience “I’m f****** singing a ballad, shut up” and Roy said afterwards “In twenty years, you ain’t changed” and howled with laughter. I often describe Culture Club as a living soap opera and I’ve asked friends to tell me never to tour with them again at my lowest moments.

However, we have a magic together and this gig at London’s Royal Albert Hall captures it perfectly”

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There is no denying the spirit of the man. He simply oozes charisma, and is clearly delighted to be on stage at the Albert Hall…this is a fine representation of what must have been a very special night.

Tony Shevlin, East Anglian Daily Times 28.03.03

…sees the band faithfully working through their back catalogue…the selection of bonus features (including footage from the musical Taboo and interviews with the Boy himself) might just clinch it for some fans.

Jon Chambers, Record Collector (June 2003)

...a recounting of Boy George and co’s deliciously well-staged comeback concert, complete with all the hits, costumes and quirky one-liners you could hope for.

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (August 2004)



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