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Bobby Harrison - Solid Silver


It’s Over
The Hunter
Icelandic Rock & Roll
Nothing Stays The Same
Hot Stuff
Guiding Light
Highway/Victim Of Love
The Shape I Am In
Get On The Right Track
After The Storm
Oh Pretty Woman
It’s Over(Radio version)










Bobby Harrison was Procol Harum’s original drummer, the founding member of Freedom and lead singer of Snafu. In the eighties he recorded a classic R & B album with Icelandic jazz-funk outfit Mezzoforte. This first to CD release contains five bonus tracks not included on the original album.

Bobby Harrison recalls: “It was all done very basically, very “first-take” etc. I think we recorded the whole of that album in three days flat. It was done at a really good studio in Reykjavik…”

The combination of Mezzoforte’s gritty funk approach with Harrison’s raw, urban rhythm and blues voice creates some great versions of  R & B standards in addition to several originals.


It's always pleasing to get something from a musician that you remember from the 70's but you wondered what he was doing now. The original drummer with Procul Harum, founding member of Freedom and lead singer with 70's rockers Snafu, Bobby Harrison has a pedigree. This album is a step in another direction, a lot more blues and AOR but the aforementioned pedigree shines through.

It's one of those albums where Harrison's voice is supported by neat jazz saxophone and piano solos and is always upbeat except where Harrison sings a purposeful ballad like the opener 'It's Over'or if he gets ultra bluesy as on 'Hot Stuff'. Second track, 'The Hunter', has opening bars that reminded me so much of 'Spirit In The Sky' while the sax is covered superbly on 'Overload' by Stefan Stefanson.

For me Harrison stands for part of my musical past and this album has enough to intrigue me.

Adrian Lyth, Classic Rock Society

The album features many differing musical styles, from big, clenched fist, AOR ballads to Blues Rock…Mezzaforte's influence on the sound is immense and the jazzy saxophone and luscious electric piano chords are an unusual but effective accompaniment to Harrison's blues soaked delivery…by and large this is an enjoyable album of jazz tinged Blues Rock.

Steve Ward, Wondrous Stories (Feb 2002)

…the album is saved by slick arrangements and both 'Victim Of Love' and 'Oh Pretty Woman'…have a raw appeal.

Rich Wilson Record Collector (April 2002)



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