£12.99 (GBP)
Blue Oyster Cult - Bad Channels


Blue Oyster Cult – Demon’s Kiss
Blue Oyster Cult – The Horsemen Arrive
Joker – That’s How It Is
Joker – Jane Jane (Hurricane)
Fair Game – Somewhere In The Night
Fair Game – Blind Faith
Sykotik Sinfoney – Manic Depresso
Sykotik Sinfoney – Mr Cool
DMT – Myth Of Freedom -
DMT – Touching Myself Again
The Ukelaliens – Little Old Lady Polka








Blue Oyster Cult will forever be known in this country for the 1976 Top 20 hit “Don’t Fear The Reaper” and the classic Seventies live album “On Your Feet Or On Your Knees”.  Blue Oyster Cult have been called the thinking man’s heavy metal band. They were formed on a college campus by a couple of rock critics and maintained a close relationship with sci-fi authors such as Michael Moorcock and Stephen King.

The “classic” line-up included Eric Bloom and Donald (Buck Dharma)Roeser  who are responsible for writing much of the material included here. In the mid-1990′s they were commissioned to write and perform the original score for the film “Bad Channels”. Also included on this release, local LA groups Fair Game (classic AOR) and Sykotik Sinfoney(funk metal) and Joker  (classic AOR) and DMT(metal).

This album is released for the first time in the UK and will appeal to all lovers of contemporary hard rock and can be listened to and enjoyed in its own right, aside from the film.


Recommended for fans of the heavy medium metal and Blue Oyster Cult!

Zabadak, (January 2000)

Quite understandably, much of this pure atmospherics, with droning keyboard and lots of synth, interspersed with the needed drive of guitar based music befitiing of a rock station...

Adrian Lyth, Wondrous Stories (January 2000)

Bad Channels gave Blue Oyster Cult, with the front line of Eric Bloom, Buck Dharma and Allen Lanier still intact, the chance to cut their soundtrack-performing teeth...The other bands deliver everything from radio-friendly Devo-esque insanity...

Michael Heatley, Classic Rock (January 2000)

Cult completists should find this an invaluable addition to their collections

Kevin Bryan, Belfast Telegraph (June 2003)



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