ATOMIC ROOSTER – Live At The Marquee 1980

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Atomic Rooster - Live At The Marquee 1980


They Took Control Of You
Death Walks Behind You
Watch Out!
Tomorrow Night
Seven Streets
I Can’t Take No More
In The Shadows
Devil’s Answer -
Do You Know Who’s Looking For You?








These are the last-ever live recordings from the classic Rooster line-up of John Du Cann, Vincent Crane and Paul Hammond, recorded at the Marquee Club in London where they played regularly.

This 1980 gig is drawn from the personal archives of John Du Cann. It marks the return of original drummer Paul Hammond.

John Du Cann has said that the band used up so much energy that immediately on leaving the stage they would feel like collapse, and that the thought of an encore was crippling.

This CD – with informative sleeve notes by webmaster Chris Phillips – is about as near as it gets to being there.


I would imagine live this band were good value and well worth seeing. The power of the performances comes through loud and clear on the CD. The whole package is well presented with informative sleeve notes…One for Atomic Rooster fans and those who enjoy the 70's hard rock sound.

Jason Ritchie, get ready to ROCK! (November 2002)

John du Cann has never sounded so deranged on vocals, nor Vincent Crane's Hammond organ so depraved.

Tony Shevlin, East Anglian Magazine (November 2002)

This is the closest the fans can get to an Atomic Rooster gig, as they never released a live album during their career and the only other CD to feature live material takes its source from two different periods. I can remember seeing the band at this time and this goes some way to capturing the sweaty noisy atmosphere that they generated.

…Invaluable to the fan and worthwhile to those yet to discover them.

Feedback (January 2003)

…the sheer wall of sonic guitar oblivion and organ-grinding power on show is a superb sound. Old hits ('Tomorrow Night' and 'Death Walks Behind You') sit well next to then-newer songs such as 'Do You Know Who's Looking For You', which has become a classic in the interim.

…this is an archival gem - another Angel Air treasure.

Record Collector (January 2003)

This classic power trio transcend the fairly ropey sound quality to deliver energised performances of Rooster standards...

Retford Times (January 2003)

The sound quality of this 75-minute recording will have true Rooster fans wetting their beds….Atomic Rooster combines brilliant swirling Hammond organ, heavily tuned guitar, and earth pounding drums to create a form of heavy rock that seems to be missing in today's music scene. A must have. Nice packaging job, as with most Angel Air releases.

Mike Reed Banzai (February 2003)

…a 10 track leviathan that captures the band at the peak of their flirtation with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal…Live At the Marquee is the best-sounding of all the band's available live recordings and rounds up some of their best-loved tracks…

Jo-Anne Greene, Goldmine (February 2003)

The music is power rock; it's live and that's what Atomic Rooster did best, strong keyboards from Vincent and great pounding drums from Paul…play it loud.

Mr Dent, Modern Dance (June 2003)

This classy power trio transcend the fairly ropey sound quality to deliver energised performances of Atomic Rooster standards...for your listening pleasure

Kevin Bryan, Belfast Telegraph



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