ATOMIC ROOSTER – Atomic Rooster

£12.99 (GBP)
Atomic Rooster


1. They Took Control Of You
2. She’s My Woman
3. He Did It Again
4. Where’s The Show?
5. In The Shadows
6. Do You Know Who’s Looking For You?
7. Don’t Lose Your Mind
8. Watch Out
9. I Can’t Stand It 10. Lost In Space
11. Throw You’re Life Way
12. Broken Windows









Mention the name ATOMIC ROOSTER to anyone and you immediately get thoughts of heavy organ grinding progressive rock, and hit singles such as “Devil’s Answer” and “Tomorrow Night”.

Throughout their illustrious career the band centred around Vincent Crane and John Du Cann but at times also had a number of musicians sitting in including Carl Palmer (ELP), John McCoy and Bernie Tormé (Gillan) and Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd).

This is the first time this album (their last released 1980) has been released on CD and according to critics is “much overlooked and underrated”
‘Crank up loud and enjoy’.



You wouldn’t normally put money on prog legends mixing it up with the NWoBHM, but this 1980 reformation and EMI signing is a return to form and it did a pretty good job.

First time on CD, it is well packaged with some bonus tracks. No excuses to overlook it this time round. ****

Joe Geesin, (October 2005)

As usual Angel Air has done excellent production work...

Classic Rock Society (November 2005)

Atomic Rooster Mark II were a different proposition from the band who had scored big hits...the new material plainly fashioned to complete with the sound of what longhairs were calling NWOBHM...An attractive enough trinket for more avid fans...

Record Collector (January 2006)

...the reissue of this 1980 album proves that they, like peers such as Budgie, deserve considerably more respect for their consistent excellence...This album may not be a masterpiece, but it has enough moments of clarity and musicality to warrant a place in any collection.

Classic Rock (December 2005)

...Rooster devotees should welcome the album's long overdue release in CD form now.

Kevin Bryan (January 2006)

...Angel Air have done a great job of the reissue, here with two extra songs and plenty of information within the booklet.

Feedback (February 2006)

...if you're unfamiliar with this stunning release, do yourself a favour, slip on this CD, crank up the volume and let the Rooster crow.

Hartlepool Mail (March 2006)

The sound is very good and the booklet is very informative...This is a piece of quality that will fit not only in a prog collection.

Maelstrom (March 2006)



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