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1. Devil’s Answer
2. Death Walks Behind You
3. V.U.G.
4. Friday 13th
5. A Spoonful Of Bromide
6. Sleeping For Years
7. Seven Streets
8. It’s So Unkind
9. Head In The Sky
10. Break The Ice
11. I Can’t Take No More
12. Play The Game
13. When You Go To Bed
14. They Took Control Of You
1. Do You Know Who’s Looking For You?
2. Broken Window (unreleased 1980)
3. Hold It Through The Night
4. No Change By Me
5. Play It Again
6. End Of The Day
7. The Rock
8. Gershatser
9. Shabaloo
10. Nobody Else
11. Don’t Lose Your Mind
12. She’s My Woman
13. Devil’s Answer (live)
14. Death Walks Behind You (Live Studio 1981)
15. Tomorrow Night (live)

ATOMIC ROOSTER were one of the finest examples of progressive rock/heavy metal hybrid bands and this 2CD Anthology draws track from the ‘classic’ line up of JOHN Du CANN, VINCENT CRANE and PAUL HAMMOND from the late 60′s to early 80′s.

Atomic Rooster to the uninitiated were a band that never fully realised their full potential but to the informed they rate alongside DEEP PURPLE and BLACK SABBATH and they achieved what very few heavy rock bands did at the time-two UK Top 10 Hit Singles.

The only surviving member John Du Cann has lovingly complied this release and co operated with Joe Geesin (who writes the sleeve notes) in compiling the actual track listing.




... alternate mixes, rare or unreleased, of some of the best material by this British power trio. Such outings are fine for fans but such is the quality on offer, 'Anthology 1969-1991' still affirms the Rooster as one of the finest hard/progressive rock acts of its day with nary a barrel scraping in sight...this is a commendable re-route to the heart of a fine band.

Peter Muir (February 2009)

...a definitive 2 disc collection...demos, alternate versions and unreleased gems...when you add in liner notes, rare pictures and track commentary courtesy of Du Cann it all adds up to an excellent package.

Sea Of Tranquility (March 2009)'s a fine example of how a power-rock trio should sound. Effectively the missing link between Cream and Rush.

Martin Hutchinson, The Bolton News (February 2009)

Excellent double disc overview of one of Great Britain's most underrated hard rock bands from the 1970s...If you never climbed aboard the rooster, this is the place to start 5/5 (March 2009)

High energy, Hammond organ-driven rock courtesy of the early 70s, quite possibly the one Rooster collection you should get if you want to hear how it should be done.

Amplifier magazine (May 2009)

Both of these discs are crammed full of the classic sounding Atomic Rooster that rock fans have come to know and love... (April 2009)

...a collection of alternative versions and rarities...still has a pull like a good old movie. (June 2009)

...the inventive interplay between guitarist Du Cann and organist Vincent Crane is the highlight of an excellent prog-rock set

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (September 2009)

The year 1971 was the highlight for UK rock trio Atomic Rooster...they serve up tracks including 'Devil's Answer', 'Death Walks Behind You', 'Friday 13th' and a live version of 'Tomorrow Night'.

Bev Bevan



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