ANDY SCOTT The Solo Singles

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ANDY SCOTT The Solo Singles


1. Krugerrands
2. Face
3. Gotta See Jane
4. Let Her dance
5. Suck It And See
6. Invisible
7. Never Too Young
8. Ulysses
9. Safety Net
10. Where D’ya Go
11. Lady Starlight
12. Krugerrmental
13. Be With You Soon
14. Galaxy (TV Theme)
15. Where D’Ya Go (demo)
16. Galaxy (demo)











Mention the name ANDY SCOTT and 70′s rock band SWEET immediately come to mind as the band notched up no less than 25 Hit Singles in UK, Europe,USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Andy also had a very successful solo career and it started with a song called ‘Lady Starlight’ which Andy had written for inclusion on Sweet’s celebrated album ‘Desolation Boulevard’ and producer Mike Chapman decided to release it separately as Andy’s first solo single and it charted in Germany, Australia and South Africa.

So for a brief period in the ’80s Andy released a number of successful European singles before reforming his beloved Sweet which still perform today to packed audiences throughout Europe.



...Such is "Krugerrands": a prime example of riffing amid the synthetic dabs, it hit the Top 10 in Australia and South Africa and its instrumental mix, "Krugerrmental" (also present here) was turned by Lene Lovich into "Wonderland," even though it can't rival the demo of "Where D'ya Go", a sequel of sorts to "The Six Teens", for the flamenco-colored catchiness...Scattered throughout are many promising bits and pieces that could have been used later on for SWEET... (September 2013)

'Kruggerands' is the sort of sleazy riff-rock that Robert Palmer excelled at, while jaunty 'Galaxy' is the theme tune to a Kenny Everett pilot which never made it to the screen. Pick of the bunch is Bolan-esque ballad 'Lady Starlight'...the inclusion of a track called 'Krugermental' and press shots of Scott cosying up to Page Three girls suggest Scott was never having less than a good time.

Classic Rock Magazine (August 2013)



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