VARIOUS ARTISTS Ronnie Lane Memorial Concert 2CD Set


Gone but not forgotten, Ronnie Lane’s music is still a reason to be cheerful. ****1/2 (December 2014)

…Rock luminaries such as Ronnie Wood, Pete Townshend and Paul Weller joined forces to revisit some of the timeless ditties that Ronnie helped to create during his time with The Faces and Small Faces as well as some charmingly bucolic excerpts from his subsequent solo career led by ‘The Poacher’, ‘Harvest Home’ and Lane’s infectious 1973 hit, ‘How Come’.

Kevin Bryan, Regional Newspapers (November 2014)

Some of the main highlights include riveting performances by Pete Townsend on the catchy acoustically flavoured ‘Stone’ and on the rousing ‘Heart To Hang On To’. Other notables include the Rod Stewart classic ‘Maggie May’, lovingly reimagined by Jones Gang but staying true to the song’s classic roots and the massive hit ‘Tin Soldier’, also redone by the Jones Gang. Listening to these live versions it is clear the player’s hearts were in the right place this night in April, 2004 at the Royal Albert Hall.

The booklet includes a short essay by John Hellier, shedding light on the evening and delving briefly into Ronnie Lane’s history.

Every so often I have a feeling I will play this disc if only to keep the memory of Ronnie Lane alive and well. He truly deserves at least that much.

Sea Of Tranquility (November 2014)


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