In an age when we are told that sales of physical music product is in irreversible decline and record labels come and go quicker than London buses, the very fact that Angel Air have for 16 years had the tenacity, expertise and energy to keep expanding their catalogue and back it to the hilt is to be celebrated.

Happy Birthday Angel Air and here’s to the next 16 years of streaming and releasing.

Sea of Tranquility (August 2013)

…Blues fans will be most interesed in Maggie Bell, who is in characteristically raucous form on ‘No Mean City’, and Eric Bell, whose ‘Irish Boy’ features exquisite guitar playing, but there are also interesting tracks from Mo Foster, Ray Russell, Stackridge and others.

Blues In Britain (July 2013)

‘The Streaming Hot’ collection should offer something for most tastes, especially for music lovers who can appreciate a time when quality and innovation in rock still mattered.

Claudia A,

To celebrate their 16th anniversary as an independent record label Angel Air delved into their archives and placed 16 beautiful songs on this CD. We didn’t select highlights because all numbers are of equal quality…a very strong new business card for Angel Air.

Keys and Chords

…More so, it levels real hits such as John Du Cann’s heavy nugget “Don’t Be A Dummy”, penned by no other than Gary Numan, and Johnny Warman’s apocalyptic reggae “Screaming Jets”, featuring Peter Gabriel, with equally powerful, if not charted, songs like Maggie Bell’s bluesy sway around “No Mean City” or Eric Bell’s plaintive “Irish Boy” remindful of his “Whiskey In The Jar” solo of yore.

So, for all the variety on display, there’s a common thread running through these 16 pieces, a fine birthday line for any label out there. Long may it run.


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