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Among the best known names here are Atomic Rooster … and the Ian Gillan Band, whose Child In Time is a beautifully restrained version of a song Gillan first and most famously cut with Deep Purple.

Music Week (December 2010)

…it also demonstrates, first and foremost, the progressive width of the label’s scope (January 2011)

A suitably pretentious title for an anthology exploring the delights of prog-rock, drawing on extracts from some of the vast array of CDs that have been released by Angel Air over the years

Kevin Bryan, various regional papers (January 2011)

…a timely reminder of just what an excellent roster Angel Air have amassed… an impressive collection and one that contains more than a few welcome surprises of the highest order.

Fireworks magazine (January 2011)

…weirdly wonderful…all in all, this is a fab album for those who were oriuginally around and can remember, and those curious enough to give it a shot (February 2011)

… a huge collection of talent spanning the 14 year career of the Angel Air label, featuring artists like, Damage Control, Stray, Robin George, Notorious, Heavy Metal Kids, Gillan, British Lions, Bullet, Krokus, McCoy, Maggie Bell, Quatermass II, David Byron Band, Nobody’s Business, Gerry McAvoy Fandango and Freedom. It’s a great compilation that truly showcases some of the labels artists.

This CD is a great way to check out some long forgotten gems, and get a taste for what the label has to offer.

Well worth checking out! (January 2011)

…Carmen surprise with the bi-lingual Bulerias, which effortlessly syncs flamenco guitar and the sort of soaring Moog work you might recognise from a selection of sci-fi TV shows that aired in the early 70s…Seek it out, but give The Ian Gillan Band’s run at Child In Time a miss.

Classic Rock magazine (May 2011) 

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