RESCUE CO. NO.1 Life’s Too Short – The Singles Anthology 1971-1975


…gives listeners the opportunity to delve into the band’s many tracks that, until now, have never been released on CD before – making this a very collectable affair indeed!…Most of the tracks are certainly worth it and deserve to be checked out, if only for nostalgia’s sake. (July 2011)

…their lack of success is baffling…this 20-track compilation brings together all of the band’s singles, notable flips and ancillary releases

Music Week (July 2011)

…modern day fans of twisted early ’70s 45s will find a helluva lot to enjoy

Shindig magazine (August 2011)

Rescue Co. No.1 released a number of singles between 1971 and 1975 and although these were spread across a few labels due to licensing deals (Pye, RAK, Polydor and RCA amongst others), this 20 track anthology brings them all together on CD for the first time and A and B sides alike are all included on the album. Highlights include ‘Life’s Too Short’, ‘No Man’s Land’, ‘I Want To Save You’, ‘Esmeralda’/'As Long As You Want Me To’ (both produced by Pip Williams- Status Quo, The Flame, Mostly Autumn) and ‘Mrs Mann’.

The band eventually split up in 1975 as they felt that nothing further was going to happen.

Nikk Gunns, (August 2011)

If you weren’t around in the early 70s, this compilations serves as a strikingly illustrative primer. Stock images of Raleigh Chopper handlebars and Cresta lemonade bottles flash before the mind’s eye. You can practically smell their trousers.

Record Collector (October 2011)


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