MOTT THE HOOPLE Two Miles From Heaven


What an absolute peach this collection is. Unreleased tracks, rare b-sides and early versions of songs that would be recorded later on…this album has long been sought after by fans, and is now at long last available on CD

…As always with Angel Air, packaging is excellent with excellent and informative sleeve notes by Dale Griffin…

Sound quality throughout is excellent (a lot better than the original LP).

Adrian Perkins(Nov 2003)

…a compilation of rare out-takes and alternate mixes…Seventeen tracks in toal…’Thunderbuck Ram’ has the original Allen solo organ arrangement rightly mixed back up in all its full glory…

Mark, Losing Today,

…Dale Griffin has unearthed recordings that should please the MTH fans.

Alistair Flynn, Classic Rock Society, (January 2004)

…a 17-track collection of unreleased songs, out-takes, oddities and several early, wilder versions of stuff from the Dudes album…

Nick Dalton, Record Collector, (January 2004)

With lots of comments by MOTT-Drummer Buffin (Dale Griffin) in the booklet it is a very interesting disc…I admit I was very sceptic about these “Demos”, but I am surprised in a very pleasant way – a fantastic album!

Epi Schmidt, (January 2004)

Excellent and exhaustive liner notes provide fascinating historical data, while each beautifully remastered disc avoids overkill by only adding a couple of well-chosen bonus tracks…Ultimately, none are expendable

Bernard Perusse, The Gazette (France), (December 2003)

…the compilation has much to recommend it, including a stunningly revamped ‘Thunderbuck Ram’ worth the price of this CD alone.

Free Appreciation Society (January 2004)

All of these songs were from 1969-1972, and here there has been an opportunity for Dale to provide lots of information about each song and the reason for its appearance or non-appearance…

Feedback (March 2004) assortment of out-takes and rarities…and is well worth investigating…

Kevin Bryan (March 2004)


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