GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS 20 Year Anniversary Album – 1982


…other notable covers include “The House Of The Rising Sun” which The Animals wrote …”World Without Love”, oh such beautiful songs, we cannot forget, came about through a co-authorship of Lennon / McCartney written for the duo Peter & Gordon, and thus scored a big hit.

…Some songs are great, others less interesting to listen to. But the Majority of songs packed on this compilation are acceptable overall.

Keys & Chords

…Tuneful gems such as ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, ‘How Do You Do It’ and ‘Ferry ‘Cross The Mersey’ are all given an airing, alongside Gerry’s covers of a string of UK chart-toppers which presumably formed part of his later cabaret act. These include ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ and Peter Sarstedt’s ‘Where Do You Go To My Lovely’.

Kevin Bryan

…the real magic is conjured on the haut-couture PACEMAKERS ballad “Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying” which wins, hands down, over the omnipresent “Unchained Melody”…

DME Music Site

Produced by hit singer-songwriter and producer David Martin, it’s an absorbing hour with some fully committed performances, both vocally and instrumentally – Gerry’s intrepid phrasing and the very interesting musical arrangements lavished right across the material, whether in distinctly evocative mood or up-tempo and bouncy.

The Beat (June 2011)


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