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Mott’s last album for Island is a belter…a raw, heavy metal punk album six years ahead of its time. Of the pre-Bowie albums, this is easily the fans’ favourite…

Sleeve notes as always are excellent, as is the sound quality.

Adrian Perkins(Nov 2003)

…their punk album if you like mixing in equal parts loud and quiet compositions by now a familiar approach to albums, it’s a stripped down and direct affair…this is the sound of a band nailing down the crudest of rock blues to dramatic effect…

Mark, Losing Today,

…The 20 page booklet is full of interesting things about the songs and the recordings. A nice raw sound is captured on the album and helps adds life to some of the songs

Alistair Flynn, Classic Rock Society, (January 2004)

…their final album before meltdown and rescue by Bowie…

Nick Dalton, Record Collector, (January 2004)

Excellent and exhaustive liner notes provide fascinating historical data, while each beautifully remastered disc avoids overkill by only adding a couple of well-chosen bonus tracks…Ultimately, none are expendable
Bernard Perusse, The Gazette (France), (December 2003)

…This did appear to combine the best aspects of the previous albums. The songwriting was good…and the Johns mix is very tough and spiky. It probably is the best of the Island period Mott albums…

Free Appreciation Society (January 2004)

…this captures the band at possibly their most raucous in the studio…The Dylan influences are still there but now it is definitely just that, among many others…

Feedback (March 2004)

…an energised set which boasts fine tracks such as ‘Your Own Backyard’ and The Youngbloods’ ‘Darkness, Darkness’.

Kevin Bryan (March 2004)


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