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If you like dreamy and inspiring soundscapes you will adore this 1988 album, the playing by all concerned (including the great Ray Russell guitaring on most tracks) is faultless whilst Mo Foster’s compositions are melodic and immediately listenable. What could have become a muso’s offering with its head in the ether is highly accessible, slightly new-agey, but always enjoyable. It’s a damn shame Jazz FM in the UK has taken the soul route, because Mo Foster’s blend of smooth jazz to rock grooves would sound good on radio, preferably mobile with the hood down, late night. A rare treat.

David Randall, Get Ready to ROCK! (August 2003)

Bassist Mo Foster has appeared with nearly every musician known to man! Everyone from Eric Clapton to Jeff Beck via Phil Collins. This is a re-release of the 1988 album and it includes some big name musicians including Gary Moore, Rod Argent and drummer Simon Philips (Mike Oldfield/Toto/Judas Priest) amongst others.

Its an instrumental album to enjoy at your leisure that’s not saying it is background music, though. The musicianship is top class as you’d expect and a mix of styles from jazz rock (So Far Away) to New Age (A Walk In The Country) through to AOR (The Light In Your Eyes). Hints of Pink Floyd on Analytical Engine, whilst the title track features a relaxing bass line from Mo Foster delightfully underlying Ray Russell’s acoustic guitar passages.

If anyone remembers the Private Music label from the late 80s (home to Rod Argent, Tangerine Dream et al) much of the music on Bel Assis would fit onto that label’s remit.

Angel Air are to be commended again on another fine re-release that may not trouble the charts but allows music fans to get a second chance to hear some lost classics. If you like to experience fine music and musicianship, then add this to your collection now!

Jason Ritchie, Classic Rock Newswire (August 2003)

…a forgotten minor classic. Clarity of sound and pinpoint accuracy of timing are just the start. The true appeal lies in its simple grace and emotional warmth.

Observer, 14/9/03

…stands strong with some great musical pieces and great performances.

Jeff Beck website (September 2003)

Totally rivetting album full of superb musicianship…what I found, after listening to two dozen straight rock albums, was invigorating and inspiring…***

New Gandy Dancer, October 2003

…an album of outstanding craftsmanship…a collection of beautifully crafted instrumentals in which Mo’s role as bassist is perfectly balanced…A welcome CD reissue.

Bass Guitar magazine, October 2003

…a collection of excellent instrumentals recorded back in 1987 and 1988, and includes the great talents of Rod Argent, Gary Moore and Simon Phillips and others to great effect. The music is varied from the atmospheric, enigmatic to the funkier and is a treat for fans of instrumental music. Well worth seeking out.

Bernard Law, Classic Rock Society (Nov/Dec 2003)

The music features the cream of the UK’s musicians, playing at their best on a superb set of originals…magnificent album

Jim Nugent, Pipeline (August 2003)

…well thought out, solidly constructed instrumental album. This isn’t New Age, but an album that has a purpose…shows that Mo can produce an instrumental album that is interesting and enjoyable and not self-indulgent.

Feedback (Nov 2003)


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