MIKE D’ABO – Hidden Gems & Treasured Friends


Lovingly restored from Mo Foster’s attic, these tapes are in remarkably good shape and show that d’Abo was a talented songwriter, as much as a vocalist and frontman…If you like seventies pop music teetering on soft rock, you will warm to this which is very much of its time. In parts it recalls solo performers like Paul McCartney, Eric Carmen and – wait for it – Gilbert O’Sullivan.

David Randall, www.getreadytorock.com (January 2004)

…an exquisitely titled collection of rare and unreleased recordings by Mike D’Abo. Representing an unreleased album D’Abo recorded back in 1973, appended with six songs performed live for a Long Island radio station the previous year, it’s an excellent collection

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (February 2004)

This collection shows a restrained piano-based singer songwriter who should ahve made a much bigger impression than he did…An interesting album that as well as being rare is actually very listenable.

Feedback (March 2004)

‘Handbags & Gladrags’ was a song which revealed Mike d’Abo’s song writing ability and these tracks gave him a chance to take it further.

Alistair Flynn, Classic Rock Society (March 2004)

The highly listenable contents find Mike searching for a coherent musical direction…some fine live performances have been included as an added bonus, led by the ever memorable ‘Handbags and Gladrags’.

Kevin Bryan (March 2004)

I…an eclectic collection but in general it’s all very acceptable, and includes some very nice keyboards and sax…a nice album to have, especially with the Angel Air cover booklet…educational and informative.

Rimmer, Modern Dance (August 2004)


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