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‘I’ll Turn You On’ is the best power ballad this side of hard rock and it’ll take ages to forget Laurence Archer’s slide figure that carries ‘The Haunting’.

DME Music Site (October 2011)

…a terrific album, though perhaps slightly unbalanced in so far that the first half has the gear considerably cranked up and gives musicians Neil Conti and Laurence Archer plenty of room for their own spiel…Not that it’s doing the album’s overall quality any harm of course! (October 2011)

…this is an excellent album full of Med Head trademarks. ‘First I Lost My Mind’ has that unique drum sound that characterised so much of the band’s early period with the lonesome harmonica that Peter Hope-Evans used to play, and ‘Halfway’ has that reverb-drenched guitar. Elsewhere there is the fuller sound of the later years – songs like ‘Cadillacs And Diamonds’ and ‘The Haunting’ – while the opening ‘Free’ puts a new twist on the familiar sound and ‘Narcisister’ takes it to extremes.

R2 magazine

In a somewhat surprising move, original Medicine Head founder John Fiddler has revived the name for what is, to all intents and purposes, a Fiddler solo album, as he has written everything, and played almost everything on here as well. Taken on its own merits as a solo effort, this is actually pretty good.

Fiddler has a pleasant singer/songwriter style, with some echoes of the sort of country-tinged ballads that the Stones used to do so well, and tracks like Cadillacs And Diamonds, The Haunting and Halfway are very accomplished and mature pieces of songwriting, delivered in a most agreeable manner…

Classic Rock Society


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