LIFE Cocoon


The sound on here is more like George’s excellent ‘Dangerous Music’ album, namely big choruses, lots of vocals and plenty of tasty guitar playing…

Definitely one for fans of Robin George’s music and those who enjoy big production, melodic hard rock albums. Damn shame this wasn’t a bigger hit on its original release although hopefully this re-release will go some way to make amends. 4/5

Jason Ritchie, (May 2010)

The group toured intensively recording this album along the way, but in the times of grunge reign this kind of melodic hard rock, fashionable half a decade earlier, didn’t find a listener, yet now, in expanded form, it proudly stands its ground.

Sadly, Life’s life wasn’t long – “The End Of The Line” bids farewell on an exquisite acoustic passage – but with George still active and Tart fronting Diamond Head, “Cocoon” has both historic value and emotional zip to be viable in this day and age. 3/5 (April 2010)

(Robin) George and (Nick) Tart turn in pretty solid performances overall. (May 2010)

There are tracks equalling the best of Red Hot Chilli Peppers…or Alice Cooper…This is an album without fillers. (April 2010)

This is a diverse album that reminded me in parts of Tom Petty, Bryan Adams or Bad Company…

Classic Rock Society (June 2010)

The anticipated quality is there from the start…Thankfully Angel Air has once again given an otherwise lost album an outlet…

Jeff Perkins, Eurorock (June 2010)

Listening to this now it is clear that Robin’s hard edged, yet commercial approach, for Life deserved much better. Fortunately Angel Air has embarked on a series of timely Robin George re-releases, re-mastered, as in this case, by Robin himself. (September 2010)

…brimful of sharp hooks…every track here is accessible, immediate and capable of fulfilling the dreams of the most exacting melodic rock fan. (September 2010)


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