JOHNNY WARMAN Walking Into Mirrors


Johnny used top musicians such as Tony Levin and Larry Fast, and as Peter Gabriel kept ringing the studio to speak to his mates Johnny asked him to sing on a song…The album is an impressive piece of electronic-based pop rock…Well worth getting

Feedback (November 2002)

…the music is pretty good overall, and essential listening for fans of Peter Gabriel or the era as a whole

Record Collector (December 2002)

…a perfect document of synthesised future think, daydreaming of robots, Martians and lost radio signals..a must-find for fans of Gary Numan and Thomas Dolby.

John M James Positively Yeah Yeah Yeah (November 2002)

The music is very rich and deep with so much going on you can’t take it all in by listening to it once, it just gets better and better the more times you hear it…Excellent album.

Modern Dance, Issue 43 (January 2003)

…a vital slice of electro-rock history…Across 11 tracks, Walking Into Mirrors still stands as a brittle, vital reminder of the fears that were part and parcel of the early Ronald Regan/Margaret Thatcher years, built around a chromatic sonic landscape that is as electrifying as it is evocative…

Dave Thompson, Goldmine 27.12.02

…stylish exercise in futuristic pop…timely reissue

Kevin Bryan, Belfast Telegraph (June 2003)

…a wealth of…electrifying cuts…Hints of the John Foxx-era Ultravox…shine through some of the sparser numbers…At its best…Walking Into Mirrors remains a brittle pulse, foreboding and ferule and as invigorating today as it was on release…

All Music Guide

…Angel Air has done a fine job on the reissue of Warman’s ’81 classic, adding in six bonus cuts and several enhanced CD-rom promo videos. (November 2010)

…a smart marriage of electronic rock with the chart oriented prog that (Peter) Gabriel would actually go on to have huge success with … a tremendously welcome reissue.

Fireworks (December 2010)

…Gabriel fans may want this simply for his little-known and one-off appearance and involvement

Classic Rock Society (December 2010)


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