…the performance effectively removes their New Romantics image…While the reformed Spandau Ballet work their way towards another live recording, this one is the next best thing…

www.dmme.net (October 2009)

…the trio is augmented by a truly cracking band…as they perform all of Spandau Ballet’s hits and choice album cuts from their back catalogue.

Ryan Sparks, classicrockrevisited.com (November 2009)

The songs sound as good as they did back in the ’80′s and there is an interesting choice of cover in Duran Duran’s “Save A Prayer” – interesting given the rivalry between the two bands back in the day (this was on a scale similar to Blur vs Oasis at the height of ’90′s Britpop).

Had the original band not managed to bury the hatchet, then this touring group of Spandau Ballet members would probably have managed to keep fans happy. However, the real thing is doing that right now, “An Evening of Gold” is still well worth checking out though. ****/*****

Nikk Gunns, www.getreadytorock.com (December 2009)


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