A very rounded collection of songs, all of which are well produced and played. You get blues rock, AOR and more, good chilling out music.

Jason Ritchie, get ready to ROCK! (March 2003)

Gary Hopkins was involved in Rick Wakeman’s ‘Journey’ and ‘King Arthur’ albums after previously being a member of Wild Turkey. This is Gary’s first solo album and starts off with a rocky blues song ‘Outlaw Blues’ with some fine guitar playing…

Feedback (May 2003)

“The songs came together over a long period of time,” Gary explains. “Some come from the Wild Turkey period, some were written in a basement flat in Paddington and one in Lanzarote. It’s quite R&B-ish in places, I’ve tried to keep it bluesy, but there are one or two sweet songs on it. All in all I’d like to think it shows a good range of what I can do.”

This is definitely a feel good album, the self penned lyrics, the guitar, the beats and Gary’s original voice create a naturally addictive sound…If you like a bit of what I call smooth rock then long awaited masterpiece is a definite must.

The Welsh Connection, April-May 2003

This is a ‘grown-up’ album where the main concentration is on his melodious vocals, the songs being a vehicle for his talents. There are no panderings to fashion, just a man content in his art, accompanied by guys who can rock a little or slow it down as the need arises. There are so many good songs on this album, but the favourite is probably ‘Loving You Means Leaving You’ which is a duet with Bonnie Tyler. If his name was Rod Stewart this would be a monster smash.

Kevin Rowland, (June 2003)


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