DAVID COURTENAY First Day – The Complete Story


Some of these works are grandiose…and if you can recall some of Leo Sayer’s early singles you will understand…Some of the bonus tracks provided are, for me, more interesting than those on the original album; in particular ‘Rag And Bone’ and the instrumental, sweeping, majestic orchestral composition ‘Broken Leaves’, which comes close to justifying the CD by itself!

Classic Rock Society, (January 2010)

…while the album failed to make much of an impact on either side of the Atlantic it remains a testament to his supreme talents as both a musician and a songwriter…Some of the guest artists who appear here represent the cream of the crop of British classic rock…not to mention Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour…

First Day is a top notch effort from top to bottom…

Ryan Sparks, Sea Of Tranquility (February 2010)

There is some superb playing by session players who are well known and established in their own right…

TNT Audio ( www.tnt-audio.com ) (February 2010)


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