…slick solo set for A&M in 1979…well nigh indispensible

Kevin Bryan, Belfast Telegraph

…what a treat…this album has a charm and groove which many modern artists should aspire to. Well worth checking out.

Record Collector, November 2005

The upbeat numbers are the highlights of the album, containing catchy grooves infected with meticulous arrangements of keyboards, guitars, drums and horns; and while Jankel handles nearly every instrument as well as the vocals, he is joined by fellow musicians (including Mark Isham and Peter Van-Hooke) who make the recording all the more vivid. The longest of these jazzy, crazed cuts runs for nearly fifteen minutes without losing its grip.

For some reason though, Jankel contrasts these songs with basic, mellow pieces that are far less exclusive, giving away the momentum for a relaxing, classically oriented break.

Still, this is a work filled with vision and subtleties that are rare amongst its natural territory and way ahead of contemporary club / acid jazz outfits such as Jamiroquai.

The Angel Air release delivers the album with fine, remastered sound for the first time on CD, as well as a bonus track co-written by Jankel and Ian Dury. (8/10)

Avi Shaked, (October 2005)

…well nigh indispensible

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser

If the album itself isn’t enough to attract the Blockhead fans, how about the bonus ‘Little Eva’ which is a Jankel-Dury composition? Overall an interesting album.

Feedback (November 2005)


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