BEARDED LADY The Rise And Fall


“The Rise and Fall” is a really good 70′s Hard Rock album, equally good with any release from the same period. “Rock Star” is the opening track of the album and the band’s first single. This song introduced the band to a bigger audience and helped them book venues throughout London…This Angel Air release contains four bonus live tracks form one of their performances in the “Marquee” – “The Riot”, “Silver Box”, “Thank You” and “Kerb Crawler”.

John Stefanis, (February 2004)

…generally rocks and bops through eleven songs of such overwhelming period charm that you forget you’re listening to music that’s been buried in a box for 30 years. The Rise And Fall sounds like every great glam album you’ve been in love with all your life.

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (February 2004)

…they come across as a Mott The Hoople without the keyboards. The melodies are good…Johnny has a vocal style which fits in well, and he is certainly sure of himself, and the result is a band that were probably a really good crack to go and see live.

Feedback (March 2004)

…one of the first glam rock bands of their time…A good sounding rock band who play a mixture of styles from other bands of the era…

Alistair Flynn, Classic Rock Society (March 2004)

…recorded back in 1975 and has been remastered to give you this great piece of rock history. This is well illustrated in the now legendary Angel Air cover booklets.

Benjy Mouse, Modern Dance (August 2004)

Bearded Lady could write a good tune, were all good musicians and had a good mix of self deprecation and hard attitude…Worth a listen…

The Chronicle, (May 2009)

There was clearly talent in the band and with better management, writing advice and production support they may well have been successful…The hilarious sleeve notes, especially Fred Sherriff’s recollection of their first gig, in themselves are worth the price of the CD

Classic Rock Society (August 2009)


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