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it’s just a top-notch heavy rock ‘n’ roll that pumps up the blood pressure…A mighty band ultimately packaged with a smattering of bonus tracks recorded in America…and a bonus DVD… (July 2007)

Tasteful guitar licks, masculine bass playing that will constantly keep you alert, and an eager vocal performance…are at the heart of this album – and it’s truly as simple and as classic as that!

Angel Air did a fantastic job with thisreissue…the package also includes a DVD with six engaging live-in-the-studio videos of the band (including a fine song that is not available on the CD)…this package is a treat for fans of hard rock! (9/10)

Avi Shaked, (July 2007)

In truth, this is a pretty good rock album with Harrison giving a great performance on vocals somewhere between Plant and Jagger…

Terry Craven, Classic Rock Society (July 2007)

The set is tight, the music is exciting, and Nobody’s hybrid style is all the fashion at the moment.

Jo-Ann Greene, (June 2007)

‘…this album stood the test of time, and now sounds as fresh as when it was laid down…A mighty band (August 2007)

‘…you’re guaranteed some solid, first-class blues-rock…more than worthwhile

Joe Geesin, Record Collector (August 2007)

Classic rock music, drenched with blues, soul and funk…Excellent stuff

Metal Nose (July 2007)

Their workmanlike blend of rock, funk and blues is probably best appreciated blasting from a Capri’s eight-track player.

Classic Rock (July 2007)

Thirteen songs bolstered by a rare bonus DVD, proving that a band of considerable emotive power could be efficient equally in studio or on stage…

RocknReel (July 2007)

…an album that crosses and transcends the genres soul, funk, hard rock and blues. (May 2008)

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