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BROKEN ENGLISH The Rough With The Smooth


This is the sound of the Stones rubbed smooth and polished to a gleam…there’s no doubting Elson’s songwriting ability…

All Music (March 2007)

Broken English caused quite a stir in the late 80s…With deliberately oblique marketing and the rumour mill intimating that the Stones-sounding single might in fact be the real thing operating under a pseudonym, that song was propelled into the Top 20.

Classic Rock (April 2007)

…the fact that so many songs seem like recognisable old friends doesn’t hurt

Rock n Reel (May 2007)

The sleevenotes to this issue tell the story well enough, while the music argues a better case for its better-late-than-never reissue.

Record Collector (May 2007)

…a solid album…and a reminder for those who relished 80s rock.

Nigel Filby, Diss Express (April 2007)

The sleevenotes to this issue tell the story well enough. While the music argues a better case for its better-late-than-never reissue…

Joe Geesin, Record Collector (April 2007)

…the sound takes advantage of 80s rock and pop sensibilities offering clipped-riff pop-rockers and keyboard-coloured radio-friendly rockers…

Danny Moore, Rock&Reel (April 2007)

The single is still the real standout, and songs like Love on the Side and You Take Me Away held real promise…

Philip Wilding, Classic Rock (April 2007)

…one hell of an album it is, with catchy licks of the opening “Show A Little Mercy” addressed both ways – from the ensemble to the audience and from the punters to the musos. Here’s music coming from the bottom of the heart and from the heart of the bottom, just like good blues-based songs should, and harmonica shuffle smoothing the sharp edges adds to overall feelgood mood.

Dmitry M. Epstein, (May 2007)

…catchy tunes with bits of the casual guitar wizardry well-incorporated into them; some clever arrangements and the slick yet rootsy Stones attitude. (6.5/10)

Avi Shaked, (July 2007)

…no mere gathering of Rolling Xeroxes and ‘Comin’; On Strong’ hasn’t gathered any moss, either

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine, April 27 2007

…Broken English’s entire recorded history is contained on this one CD…Coming On Strong became one of those classic one hit wonders…

Bev Bevan – Sunday Mercury

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