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STEVE ELLIS Ten Commitments


The song selection and style is sure to please his fans and proof that if you look after your voice you can still ‘wow’ the listener. ***1/2

Jason Ritchie, (September 2011)

Ellis has returned with an album that once again displays his talent for marrying hard edged rock vocals to sweet pop tunes.

Martin Townshend, Sunday Express (October 2011)

…the pure upbeat soul of ‘Thank You Baby For Loving Me’ and the infectious, anxious reggae of ‘War Train’…see him reign on his own terrain, his voice as young as in the times of LOVE AFFAIR. Ten dedicated cuts have this fine artist in the spotlight. Good this album happened to be – and to stay.

DME Music Site (October 2011)

…’We Got It’ is once again full of raw emotion and performed with the right combination of passion and musical skill, without ever going into overblown schmaltz. A fabulous backing chorus only adds to the sheer brilliance of the song. You got it, Steve. (October 2011)

…61-year-old Ellis has returned with an album that once again displays his talent for marrying hard-edged rock vocals to sweet pop tunes. Healing Touch, and Ellis’s own Perfect Sunday, are sublime, and the singer shows his talent for picking cover material with a sparkling
version of Neil Young’s On The Way Home.

Sunday Express (October 2011)

Steve’s ever-soulful vocals are backed by the Big City Allstars, an ensemble incorporating guitars, sax and keyboards. The CD includes a video – viewable on computer – of studio footage that was shot during the recording of ‘Please Please Me’.

The Beat (November 2011)

As an album, this is a prime example of how a renowned singer who is reaching a more mature age can grow old gracefully…at this stage of his career Steve Ellis has no right to be producing albums as captivating and convincing as ‘Ten Commitments’. Thankfully for us, he has!

Fireworks Magazine (January/February 2012)

The former Love Affair singer proves that old rock stars don’t necessarily die if they have a sweet enough voice and still understand what makes an astoundingly good pop song.

The Sunday Express (December 2011)

With a mix of originals and hand-picked covers, Steve Ellis has got himself another class album. Steve does a fine version of Buffalo Springfield’s On The Way Home, turns Lennon and McCartney’s Please, Please Me into a soul smoothy and gives a storming rendition of Eddie Hinton’s We Got It. Even at sixty, Steve Ellis could teach most of the young wannabes out there a lesson or two. Terrific album.

Maverick Magazine (November 2011)

Ten Commitments builds slowly with moments like Frogman Curtis’s sax solo on ‘Hit The Spot’ that lift it another notch. By the end Steve is in full-on Rod Stewart mode with tonsil-rasping white soul vocals on ‘We Got It’.

I have the feeling that Steve made this album just because he could and sometimes that’s the best reason to make music.

R2 magazine

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