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ANCIENT GREASE Women And Children First


A short lived project, this is not the squalling effort of clueless stoners you may think but the work of pedigree members of Wales’s music ‘Tafia’, the core being future Racing Cars covers act Strawberry Dust (renamed hardly for the better by Lou Reizner of Mercury Records).

Penned largely by future Man drummer John Weathers, replete with the distinctive rasp of Graham ‘Morty’ Mortimer, it’s a sub-Free period turn in meaty hard blues guitar-snarling rock from opener ‘Freedom Train’ to the concluding title track (with churning Hammond courtesy of Man’s Phil Ryan) counterpointed by well-conceived melodies and even a singalong moment in the Lindisfarne-like ‘Mystic Mountain’.

Released in 1970 on Mercury, the band was to succumb to the familiar tale of bust-luck but find better fortune elsewhere in the world of Rhondda rock

Peter Muir, (March 2008)

With powerful groove and charm in spades, ‘Women and Children First’, both the track and the album, come as buried treasure timely discovered for all to relish. (March 2008)

It’s a heady mixture of pub rock, hard-rocking R&B, blues, psychedelia, and San Francisco prog rock, with nods to the British hard rock scene along the way. (March 2008)

The album is enormously diverse…The gritty voice of Morty, the dirty guitar of Graham Williams and the heavy organ of guest musician Phil Ryan (Man) determined the rough and ready and (for the time) very heavy sound of the band. But the band also proved to be very good at the more mellow stuff…

An obscure record, finally on CD. A must have for fans of the psychedelic blues of the time

Rock Advice (, March 2008

…gritty blues-rock outings tempered by the occasional slice of mellow soul…

Kevin Bryan, Mid-Sussex Chronicle (March 2008)

This 60s West Coast Americana influenced album is decent enough rock and roll/psych fare with definite reminders of Welsh counterparts Man in the sound.

Classic Rock Society, April 2008

…a solid blend of tough blues-rock complemented by the versatile voice of frontman Graham Mortimer, sometimes adding Beefheart-style ballsiness and, elsewhere, an assured soulfulness…

RocknReel, April/May 2008

A great example of what was happening in the UK heavy rock scene of 1970. If you’ve even half an interest in good raunchy rock mixed with a healthy dose of hippy stylings it’s worth checking out.

Feedback (April 2008)

A well informed booklet…the spirit of the 70s…

Odymetal, (May 2008)

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