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FAVOURITE SONS That Driving Beat


…the band were obviously at home with their music, despite their apparent youth…Their versions of ‘Can’t Judge A Book’ and ‘That Driving Beat’ are fine examples of their craft…As a snapshot in time this is an enjoyable – if rather short – album.

Feedback (July 2003)

Even though most of their recorded output consisted of the (more-or-less) usual soul/r’n’b covers, some of the versions delivered by this producer Mike Hurst-conducted ’65 mod combo, happen to be among the best ones around…
Most of this half-hour listening is actually best described by the title tune’s lyrics going “listen to the music and when you hear the beat, you can strike the scene and you just gotta move your feet, baby let your hair down and move me all around, cuz when you hear that driving beat you know you gotta go!” … and in the end, you’ll be left with no other choice but to go indeed!

Goran Obradovic / POPISM radio show; Serbia & Montenegro (May 2005)

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