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Lonely Nights In London

ERIC BELL Lonely Nights in London


…there’s no denying the appeal in some stunning blues rock licks…

Properganda (April 2010)

Drenched in honest blues, trademark melodies, and solid songwriting the album is well worth the 12 year wait.

Jeff Perkins, Eurorock (April 2010)

There’s a fantastic live off the floor feeling to this recording…if you want to experience a seasoned musician who has not only gotten better with age, but one who pours his very heart and soul into every carefully selected note then pick up Lonely Nights In London because you will not be disappointed.

Ryan Sparks, Sea of Tranquility (April 2010)

A warm and cosy record to keep you company when you’re lonesome. 4/5 (April 2010)

There’s a fantastic live off the floor feeling to this recording (May 2010)

…a nice greeting card from a player who still wants to be hoochie-koochie man long after his original band is a fond memory. (May 2010)

This is mature playing by a musician who has paid his dues. If you love blues guitar the content is worth the cover price. (May 2010)

…haunting melodies and gripping guitar playing throughout…

Classic Rock Society (July 2010)

…a typically solid and unpretentious piece of work in a commercial blues vein…

Kevin Bryan, various regional papers (January 2011)

…while I generally like my blues a bit rawer, there’s definitely beauty to be found in these humble, easy going numbers – over half of these is original Bell material (“Me and Technology,” for example, cleverly unfolds his alienation from the modern world), and the man’s slow hand is attractive in its honesty as well as in the occasional twist thrown in (check out the guitar curiosities decorating the main lines of “You’re My Only Woman”).

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