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…their second and strongest albums which sounds fresh even now…sharp rifferama and bombastic chorus…it may bring a nostalgic tear to many an eye…

Let It Rock ( ) (February 2010)

This is a great British heavy metal album that if released six or seven years earlier may have just sent the band into the stratosphere and beyond…a worthy addition to any collection of British heavy metal and worthy of a return visit if you already have the original. 5/5 (March 2010)

The album, which is considered something of a cult-metal classic, contained many of the Marshall Law live anthems…a must have for metal fans the world over who may be working back from the impact of Razorhead’s release, or were there first time round.

Jeff Perkins, Eurorock blog (March 2010)

Power Game is rock solid from beginning to end…Repeated listens are required to further demonstrate just how vastly underrated these talented Brummie’s really were.

Ryan Sparks, Sea of Tranquility (April 2010)

If you like 80s metal you’ll love this

TNT Audio (April 2010)

The sound is simply terrific…top-notch thrash album and the warm visit back in time that is an integral part of this listening experience. 8/10 (April 2010)

…’No Justice’, ‘Searching For Paradise’ and the sought after single ‘Naked Aggression’ do hit the spot with that 80′s feel for power. 5/10

Tony Watson, (June 2010)

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