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ZZEBRA – Zzebra/Panic


Both CDs are great recordings of technically excellent and enjoyably played funky fusion, immaculately transferred to CD…

TNT Audio ( ) (February 2010)

…a driving, funky amalgam with much rhythmic persistence and a full-blooded and exciting big-band sound…

The Beat Magazine (March 2010)

…a band with huge character, crammed full of life, energy, and musicianship…an intoxicating mixture of jazz, rock, funk and heavier rock, all of which is enhanced by rich Afro flavours underpinned by a powerfully addictive rhythm section…

Ryan Sparks, Sea of Tranquility (March 2010)

…combined seamless musicianship – glowing pulses of electric piano and dreamy thermals of soprano sax – with an evangelical Tower of Power-style adherence to The Groove…

Record Collector (March 2010)

All in all, a solid re-release – and certainly one to easily locate in your alphabetical CD collection.

Classic Rock Society (April 2010)

…jazzy arrangements, and fiery guitar and saxophone solos akin to a jazzy version of Santana…7/10 (April 2010)

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ZZEBRA – Lost World


…musically very hard to describe, in your local record store File under? ‘No Point’ starts things off nicely with a jazz/funk effort, but what impressed me most were the vocals – impressive stuff! ‘Society’ rocks things up a little, cool music with some great percussion…The quality of the live tracks is very good. 7/10

Jilly’s Rock World (June 2001)

The previously unreleased album from 1975. features Liam Genocky and Steve Byrd (also later of Gillan fame) in a septet playing a variety of rock styles, covering the best of white and black music of the era…an enjoyable if eclectic concoction.

Record Collector(August 2001)

Zzebra were at the forefront of mid 70s Progressive/Afro/Jazz Rock/Funk/Folk…

Feedback, (Sept 2001)

…absolutely innovative, vibrating progressive hard(?) rock with lots of jazz, folk elements, extremely complex structures and brilliant musicianship…A very demanding, precious release, exclusively hot

Psychedelic, No.9 (December 2001)

Somewhat freeform in character, the keyboards provide the springboard for Zzebra to lay down some tasty, languid and, at time, funky rock. Fluid, expressive, progressive rock that shifts in feel and form – making for an intriguing listen.

Hartlepool Mail, 31 December 2001

…there is a sense of adventure the size of an interstate running through the band’s musicianship…Eight studio recordings and four live cuts from a 1975 European tour catch Zzebra in audacious form, pushing Lost World up among the very best Angel Air releases of the year.

Jo-Ann Green, Goldmine, January 2002

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