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Any Atomic Rooster fans who purchase this CD, are in for a real treat…

Jilly’s (October 2000)

Angel Air are absolute experts in the field of unearthing a wealth of unheard music. This time they have put together 19 previously unreleased tracks from 1970 through to 1981 – including 3 USA radio ads!…With a combination of previously unreleased tracks (7 in total) including the last ever recording – ‘Moonrise’ – and demos or different mixes (9 of those), this album shows the power that was Atomic Rooster…Even in a raw, demo or live state, the power is there to hear.

With an excellent 12 page sleeve booklet and rare photos, this is the usual quality package from Angel Air, that Rooster fans will want to have.

David Pearson,Wondrous Stories (November 2000)

…The latest in a steady stream of unheard/unavailable Rooster material…the incentive to buy are the six early-1970s selections…Two…feature Carl Palmer, so we’re talking Holy Grail here…

Classic Rock (December 2000)

Atomic Rooster fans…will be thrilled to encounter that band’s latest archival treat…1980/81 demos and live material, plus the band’s last-ever recording from 1981, showcase Atomic Rooster coming to grips with their role as grandpappies of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and doing so with considerably more aplomb than many other bands of their vintage…

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine(November 2000)

“Featuring 19 previously unreleased tracks from 1970 to 1981 this hour-long CD is a goldmine of undiscovered gems…Complete with extensive sleeve notes this is a scrapbook in sound – a reminder of a rare talent”

Hartlepool Mail (November 2000)

…a 19-track collection of demos, unreleased tracks and radio jingles…It makes interesting listening…”

Frank Blades, Rockhaven

“Included here is the original demo of ‘Devils Answer’ as well as many other rarities from John Du cann’s personal tape archive of the band. Impressive sleeve notes and rare pics!”

Norfolk & Suffolk Preview (November 2000)

…extremely rare tracks (all previously unreleased in this form) from 1970 up to 1981, including the very last recordings of the band with DuCann, Vincent Crane and Paul Hammond in 1981…As one might expect, sound quality of the material contained varies heavily, but that shouldn’t bother real fans too much, regarding the package of rare stuff they’re offered here.

Background (November 2000)

Of most interest here are demos from the Palmer years…but Don’t Lose Your Mind and End Of The Day suggest that arguments that Rooster are one of the great forgotten hard rock bands of the 70s and early 80s may not be entirely misplaced.

Choice Magazine (January 2001)

A couple of shaky demos aside, the real goodies here are a handful of surprisingly funky late period studio outtakes which suggest…the underrated brilliance of the late Vincent.

Mojo (February 2001)

…there are some real gems that show even to the uninitiated that here was a band that never really fulfilled their potential…an interesting compilation that shows just a little of what this fine band was all about. An excellent booklet, as one would expect from Angel Air, which makes this a ‘must purchase’ for the fan

Feedback, (February 2001)

…this set is a cool sampling of tracks from as early as 1971 and as late as 1980….All the tracks are demos and/or unreleased…so collectors take note. There is a great edge to these tracks and even the so-called demo tracks pack some aural punch…Very listenable

Jeff Monk, Mohair Sweets (December 2000)

…a complicated collection of previously unreleased (or unreleased on CD) songs between 1970/81. Some are rather dated and then there are some that still stand up today, including two tremendous songs that should be proud to be in the twenty-first century. These last two on the album are hot, track 18 is “Play It Again” which was a demo from 81, but the piece de la resistance is 8.5 minutes of “I Can’t Take It No More” – live from the Marquee in ’80…this last track is the worth the cover price on its own. There’s just over an hour of music from a once sought after band. Crank it up loud and enjoy.

Modern Dance (April 2001)

Fans of keyboard laden rock will love this bombastic and melodramatic music

Hartlepool Mail (April 2001)

Very well assembled collection/bag of unreleased tunes…it’s a superb 19 track disc…Definitely a fine underground 70s act well worth checking out. Vince Crane’s killer keyboard work is worth the admission price alone. High commendation goes to Du Cann for taking the time and effort of digging through his vault for this priceless compilation.


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