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Made It This Far

TEN POLE TUDOR – Made It This Far


The first Ten Pole Tudor album since 1981 brings together the best songs written and performed by the group during the intervening 28 year gap…Their unmistakable style is on full display on these tracks…

God Save The Pistols, (August 2009)

I prefer to listen to an original like Ed Tenpole…

Ralf Real Shock, (August 2009)

…the mad old sod has lost none of his pop-eyed charm…rambunctious rock ‘n’ roll., rockabilly and lobotimised country…

Classic Rock (September 2009)

Anyone who dug the cool UK mods vs rocker humour of ‘Ted Ain’t Dead’ will find much to appreciate here…a welcome return from a veritable hero of the now fabled ’80s UK music scene. In addition, Angel Air’s booklet features in depth liner notes from Tenpole. (September 2009)

…nothing short of a rip snorting good time from beginning to end… (October 2009)

…from straight, hard-rocking numbers to rockabilly ravers, to even more Cajun foot tappers, Tudor-Pole proves that his brief ascent into the public eye in the early ’80s was well deserved…if you love energetic, roots rock with personality and flavor…download this release from an unknown legend.

Reverse Direction (October 2009)

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