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Why did you choose 2014 as the year to release ‘History’?

2014 chose me really.

Pete Haycock joined me along with Mel Collins, Charlie Morgan, Jax Williams and Charley Charlesworth to record ‘Cruel’ a great album which tragically has become Pete’s swan song. Climax Blues ‘Cruel’ features Pete at his best, which is absolutely superb slide guitar! A commemorative album for my close friend and brother in guitar, Pete Haycock.

When we lost Pete last October, my world rocked…we’d known each other for over thirty years, and to be with my friend and brother in guitar, with a superb band who were ready to tour, with a finished album and the next one on the way, stopped me in my tracks. I had to do something to keep my mind active, and so, I re-mastered History…lost in the vaults since 1982, so here it is, found in 2014.

Is it true that the songs were recorded over three years?

History was actually recorded over two years, we were all so busy gigging etc that I’m surprised it didn’t take longer. I toured with Roy Wood (The Move/ELO) and I was also forming The Byron Band with David Byron (Uriah Heep) as well as loads of production work including The Climax Blues Band, Daniel Boone, Raymond Froggat, Noddy Holder (Slade), et al, and also numerous guitar sessions. So lots going on in the background.

History was recorded in downtime, when the studio didn’t have paying clients. So, that could mean going in at midnight, and doing as much as we could until the next set of clients were due in, usually the next afternoon. What would happen was that I’d get a phone call, telling me the studio was free, and I’d phone around to see who was available, and then we’d go in and make music.

We were spread over a wide area, all across the Midlands and hours apart, so you have to factor in driving time and time in the pub!

How did the album come about?

I’d played in covers bands since I was fourteen…which was a good grounding, and a great way to learn lots of chords. I’ve always written songs and started sticking them in at gigs. The audience either didn’t notice the difference and/or loved them. So I formed my own band ‘Life’ playing all my material. The success of the gigs led to us recording at the Old Smithy studios, which is where I met the guys who became the Life band on the History album. They liked what they heard, and so it began.

Did you encounter many problems during the re-mastering process?

Re-mastering the album from many different sources, including half inch master tapes, cassettes and all in between was a challenge, so lots of editing to remove ‘wow and flutter’ speed fluctuations and so on. For me, it’s about the superb musician’s performances more than the sound sensibility, but it sounds well OK to me. So this is what you get. Play loud and enjoy!

What does the future hold for you? Can we expect to see a reformed Robin George band popping up at any festivals/tours or any new material to be released?

Yep. Both I hope. I’m ready to rock and so is the band!

Are there any messages that you would like to pass onto your fans?

As always, thanks for your interest and unfailing support. I so much appreciate it my friends. Most of you know who you are, and now, so do I.

Cheers Robin.

Click here to order your copy of ‘History’

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See Tyla Gang on tour at the following dates!

11.7.14 Bromölla, Sweden
12.7.14 Malmö, Sweden
13.7.14 Stockholm, Sweden
14.7.14 Vänersborg, Sweden
15.7.14 Skutskär, Sweden
16.7.14 Sandhem, Sweden
17.7.14 Gävle, Sweden
18.7.14 Söderhamn, Sweden
19.7.14 Angsjön, Sweden
20.7.14 Umeå, Sweden
16.8.14 Winchester, UK
17.8.14 Putney, UK
26.8.14 Wolverhampton, UK
27.8.14 Bolton, UK
28.8.14 Chislehurst, UK

More tour information here

Click here to order your copy of ‘Live In Stockholm’

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Angel Air Records (where the artist has a voice), has been operating and trading successfully since 1997. Spearheaded by its driving force Peter Purnell, Angel Air has become a major force in the record industry.

Early in 2013, Peter was offered an album by singer/songwriter David Martin. The album was a mix of standard songs by the very best of American Songbook Songwriters. The sound of the Terry Coffey Trio and David’s soothing tones propelled Peter to release the album in April on a brand new imprint ‘Angel Air Nostalgia’.


Having started out his music career as singer, for David, this has been a journey of full circle and this album showcases his unique appealing style and vocal, which do the songs great credit. The title of the album ‘Silky Smooth Moments’ was inspired by David’s producer on the project Graham Noon, who repeatedly remarked during the recording process, how silky smooth David’s voice sounded.

Of course with a background of songwriting achievements to his name, featuring a who’s who of artists including, Elvis Presley, Barry Manilow, The Carpenters, Cliff Richard, Guys & Dolls, Boyzone and many others, it was hardly surprising that David could hardly resist coming up with a song of the same name and so, ‘Silky Smooth Moments’, featuring Terry Coffey on piano and David on vocal, is now the lead track on the album.

In anyone’s estimation, this album from David is long overdue and if current reaction is anything to go by, there is little doubt that it will make an enduring impact with lovers of tasteful and romantic music for some time to come.

Click here to order your copy of ‘Silky Smooth Moments’

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A new video of The Spellkasters performing the track ‘I Can Tell’ is viewable below!

The track is taken from their new album ‘Kastin’ The Spell’, released 10th February 2014 on Angel Air Records.

Click here to order your copy of ‘Kastin’ The Spell’!

See The Spellkasters live at the following dates:

25 March – 100 Club, London (with Mick Green’s son Lloyd on bass)
21 June – Durham Blues Festival
22 June – Cleethorpes Blues Festival
24 August – Cusworth Music Festival (near Doncaster)
4 October – Whitby Blues Festival
5 October – Blackburn Blues Festival
25 October – Stroud Blues Festival
26 October – Frome Blues Festival

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THE CONTRAST – ‘A Sinister Flick’ Lyric Video!


The Contrast have released a fantastic new lyric video for the track ‘A Sinister Flick’, taken from their new album of the same name, released on Angel Air Records on 7th October 2013.

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DEL BROMHAM – ‘The Ballad Of JD’ Music Video!


Taken from the album “Nine Yards” on Angel Air Records (September 2013), “The Ballad Of JD” charts the rise and fall of the “original” Jack Daniels – watch the new music video below!

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THE CONTRAST – ‘Johnny The Torch’ Music Video!!


‘Johnny The Torch’ is taken from the forthcoming album “A Sinister Flick” released on Angel Air Records on 7th October 2013.

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A fantastic new music video from Rob Thompson, for the track ‘Dust’ – taken from his debut album of the same name, released on Angel Air Records. Credits: Video by ArtCoDe – Photograghy by gphotography.

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Four new videos of THE UGLY GUYS have been added to the Angel Air YouTube channel! Check out the videos below! ‘Heart River Falls’ ‘A Man’s Gotta Do’ ‘The Hard Way’ ‘Lost In The Badlands’

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“Now people realise that we were innovators. When you work as hard as we did, you appreciate that”Ian Hunter

“On tour as support to Mott The Hoople (the only time Queen ever supported anyone), I was always conscious that we were in the presence of something great, something highly evolved, close to the centre of the Spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll, something to breathe in and learn from.”Brian May

“I was into Mott The Hoople then The Clash came and I got into them, because one’s prepared you for the other”Bobby Gillespie, Primal Scream

“I followed Mott The Hoople up and down the country. I’d go to Liverpool or Newcastle or somewhere – sleep on the Town Hall steps, and bunk the fares on the trains, hide in the toilet when the ticket inspector came around. I’d jump off just before the train got to the station and climb over the fence. It was great times, and I always knew I wanted to be in a band and play guitar. That was it for me.”Mick Jones, The Clash

“My favourite ever band, there’s not one dud on here, but there are some great tunes with very insightful lyrics and the ultimate pop song in “Honaloochie Boogie”. Joe Elliott of Def Leppard on the ‘Mott’ album.

Formed in 1969, Mott The Hoople went on to become one of the best loved and most influential rock groups of all time. Their string of hits started with the David Bowie-penned “All The Young Dudes”, after which the band’s legend was written with original classics such as “All the Way From Memphis”, “Roll Away The Stone”, “Saturday Gigs” and “The Golden Age Of Rock N Roll”.

The band, whose fame was established initially by their incandescent live shows, reformed to celebrate their legacy in 2009, which saw them play a series of critically and commercially successful live dates to mark their 40th anniversary. The gigs, including a 5-night, sold-out stint at London’s Hammersmith Apollo, were the first time the original lineup had played together in over 35 years, and brought a tear to many a fan’s eye. The universally lavish praise for them included a 5/5 Daily Telegraph review that declared “Mott The Hoople storm back to London for a dazzling night at the Hammersmith Apollo.”

The band will be returning to the UK in November 2013 for five dates only:

Mon 11th Nov Birmingham Symphony
Wed 13th Nov Glasgow Clyde Auditorium
Sat 16th Nov Newcastle City Hall
Sun 17th Nov Manchester O2 Apollo
Mon 18th Nov London The O2

The shows will feature original members Verden Allen (keyboards/vocals), Ian Hunter (vocals/guitar / piano), Mick Ralphs (guitar/vocals) and Overend Watts (bass/vocals). Due to ill health, original drummer Dale Griffin will be substituted by Martin Chambers (The Pretenders).

All tickets are priced £40, except London, which is £45 – subject to booking fee and available through

Tickets go on sale at 9am GMT Friday 26th April 2013.

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