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THE KORGIS By Appointment


Some of the tracks here are originals, some 1990′s re-recordings, others presented in alternative ‘unplugged’ versions re-recorded in 2005. Ultimately the provenance doesn’t really matter, it’s all about their underrated songwriting artistry, as the covering of their material by Beck, Rod Steward, Erasure, Tracey Ullman and The Dream Academy among others testifies.

Uncut magazine (February 2015)

‘Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime’ might have been THE KORGIS’ only hit, yet ‘All The Love In The World’ – in acoustic version here, just like ‘Young ‘n’ Russian,’ a hard-hitting artifact from the Iron Curtain era – is every bit as tremulous and uplifting, whereas the world music rhythmic patterns add to the tight transparency of ‘This World’s For Everyone.’ And if the Rachmaninoff strain in a slide-kissed ‘If I Had You’ betrays the band’s sophistication, the reggae flow of ‘Lines’ reveals their humorous side, although the synthetic layer under the Latinesque buzz in ‘One Life’ somewhat jars until it comes to an organ solo. Still, that’s only a slight trade-off for this unique link between 10CC and THE BUGGLES so, with a few obscure tracks on display, the disc is as interesting a collection as it gets. **** (January 2015)

…By Appointment is a collection of some of the band’s best songs as well as some unplugged performances. The best known hits are included (“If I Had You,” “Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime”) as well as lesser known songs that should have been hits (“Perfect Hostess,” “If It’s Alright With You Baby,” “I Just Can’t Help It”). Although Warren and Davis parted ways for many years, in the twenty-first century they decided to reform Stackridge (much to the delight of their fans) as well as The Korgis (who will be touring in 2015). When The Korgis hit the target, they really hit it dead center. Some of these tracks are just…THE BEST.

babysue (December 2014)

The newly reformed Korgis celebrate their return to the fray with the release of a typically tuneful package featuring re-recordings of the best of their repertoire from the late seventies and early eighties. The mildly eccentric Bristolian duo are obviously firm believers in the enduring power of a quirkily memorable melody and some fine examples of their distinctive songwriting style are gathered together here…

Kevin Bryan, Regional Newspapers (December 2014)

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