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BEDLAM Live In Binghampton 1974


The main part of the album is hindered only slightly by the quality of the original recordings, but, nonetheless, really highlights the talents of a band firing on all cylinders and has me missing the firepower that these guys – especially the sorely missed Cozy Powell – could produce, whether together or separately, within the confines of another group. (March 2015)

The ante’s upped with the catchy funk of ‘Set Me Free’ where rhythm section excels in a cohesive jive while guitar rips and roars before all instrumentalists engage in an infectious dance around the riff. (February 2014)

This live album is definitely to be filed under ‘power rock’ – the opener ‘I Believe in You’, is very like Deep Purple in sound, but the other tracks show a leaning towards the blues-rock. The recording was pieced together by Denny using a computer program called Cool Edit and the sound quality is excellent. Also featured is an interview with the band undertaken in the middle of the broadcast, before they launched into the epic 21-minute track called ‘The Fool’, which features amazing solos.

Bolton News (November 2013)

Billed as one of the hardest working like bands of the early ’70s, and just a few tracks into this you are hard pushed to doubt it.

The pure energy of this set recorded on a US tour is immense. Formed by ex-Procol Harum guitarist Dave Ball, Bedlam were a classic rock band right out of the Cream school of super groups…This album gives an insight into what might have been. If Powell hadn’t derailed Bedlam with his own solo success they could have been one of the biggest rock bands of the ’70s.

Daily Echo (November 2013)

…the sound quality of the original 5 track live show – which is bolstered here by an interview with the band and a studio remix of ‘The Beast’ – really is excellent, and as stated previously the musicianship is of the highest quality (as you would expect). Just listen out for some blistering (almost Blackmore-esque) guitar work from Dave Ball on ‘The Fool’, a track which also includes a thundering bass and drum workout from Denny and Cozy which in typical mid ’70s fashion clocks in at a staggering 21 minutes plus. Phew!

‘Live In Binghampton 1974′ then is an intriguing piece of musical history, not least because I found out that a place called Binghampton actually exists.

Uber Rock (November 2013)

The members of Bedlam included Powell on drums, Dave Ball (ex-Procol Harum) on guitar, Denny Ball on bass, and vocalist Frank Aiello. These guys delivered some scorching blues rock/proto metal, featuring Ball’s searing lead guitar work upfront and center, Aiello’s powerful vocals, and the furious rhythms of Powell & Ball.

“I Believe in You” kicks off this set with some heavy rock riffs from Ball, a scorcher of a track that needs to be heard to be believed…The band get their Cream/Free groove on with “Set Me Free”, a down & dirty heavy blues rocker, again with Ball firing off some scalding riffs & solos while Cozy plays like a man possessed underneath.

Sea Of Tranquillity (October 2013)

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