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GILLAN The Gillan Tapes Volume 1


The album features Ian Gillan, John McCoy, Bernie Torme, Colin Towns and Mick Underwood. McCoy has many hours of tape and a follow up to this album is on the cards for this Autumn.

This compilation has been put together by bassist John McCoy… there is no doubt in my mind that this album is essential to anyone who likes Gillan…If you remember just how good Gillan were then this is an album you must get.


…generally impressed by this offering – heavy metal with melody – natch with Ian Gillan’s screaming vocal Deep Purple springs to mind. Gillan consisted of John McCoy (guitar/bass/producer), Ian Gillan (vocals), Mick Underwood (drums), Bernie Torme (lead guitar), & Colin Towns (keyboards) – they had plenty of hits in early 80′s (a total of 46 weeks in UKsingles charts) plus the classic ‘Glory Road’ album. Still highly successful Gillan came to an abrupt end in Jan’83 surrounded by stories of rip offs, fake illness and a Deep Purple reunion only to find that Ian Gillan had shacked up with Black Sabbath.

This album covers rough mixes & studio outakes of previously released material, plus two never before released tracks (during the lifetime of the band) and it generally works well. Gillan can take you from the arresting metal mayhem of ‘Maelstrom’ and ‘Bad News’ into the quiet and paradisiacal ‘Fiji’ . . . ‘Restless’ in various mixes is probably the highlight

Zabadak magazine

Of more interest to the fan and collector…are the real one offs such as ‘Come Tomorrow’,…an instrumental version of ‘Restless’ and the unfinished ‘Smokin and ‘Smowakin’ which leaves you wondering just how it might have sounded…by and large the quality remains consistently high…Probably a release for diehard fans and collectors but the music is superb nonetheless

Steve Ward, Wondrous Stories (October 2001)

…includes some fascinating moments

Dave Ling, Classic Rock (November 2001)

I’ll stake my split-knee loons you won’t find a more enjoyable compilation this month…the set is essential for any Gillan fan and fine insight for the casual listener.

Joe Geesin, Record Collector (March 2002)

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