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Any Atomic Rooster fans who purchase this CD, are in for a real treat…

Jilly’s (October 2000)

Angel Air are absolute experts in the field of unearthing a wealth of unheard music. This time they have put together 19 previously unreleased tracks from 1970 through to 1981 – including 3 USA radio ads!…With a combination of previously unreleased tracks (7 in total) including the last ever recording – ‘Moonrise’ – and demos or different mixes (9 of those), this album shows the power that was Atomic Rooster…Even in a raw, demo or live state, the power is there to hear.

With an excellent 12 page sleeve booklet and rare photos, this is the usual quality package from Angel Air, that Rooster fans will want to have.

David Pearson,Wondrous Stories (November 2000)

…The latest in a steady stream of unheard/unavailable Rooster material…the incentive to buy are the six early-1970s selections…Two…feature Carl Palmer, so we’re talking Holy Grail here…

Classic Rock (December 2000)

Atomic Rooster fans…will be thrilled to encounter that band’s latest archival treat…1980/81 demos and live material, plus the band’s last-ever recording from 1981, showcase Atomic Rooster coming to grips with their role as grandpappies of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and doing so with considerably more aplomb than many other bands of their vintage…

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine(November 2000)

“Featuring 19 previously unreleased tracks from 1970 to 1981 this hour-long CD is a goldmine of undiscovered gems…Complete with extensive sleeve notes this is a scrapbook in sound – a reminder of a rare talent”

Hartlepool Mail (November 2000)

…a 19-track collection of demos, unreleased tracks and radio jingles…It makes interesting listening…”

Frank Blades, Rockhaven

“Included here is the original demo of ‘Devils Answer’ as well as many other rarities from John Du cann’s personal tape archive of the band. Impressive sleeve notes and rare pics!”

Norfolk & Suffolk Preview (November 2000)

…extremely rare tracks (all previously unreleased in this form) from 1970 up to 1981, including the very last recordings of the band with DuCann, Vincent Crane and Paul Hammond in 1981…As one might expect, sound quality of the material contained varies heavily, but that shouldn’t bother real fans too much, regarding the package of rare stuff they’re offered here.

Background (November 2000)

Of most interest here are demos from the Palmer years…but Don’t Lose Your Mind and End Of The Day suggest that arguments that Rooster are one of the great forgotten hard rock bands of the 70s and early 80s may not be entirely misplaced.

Choice Magazine (January 2001)

A couple of shaky demos aside, the real goodies here are a handful of surprisingly funky late period studio outtakes which suggest…the underrated brilliance of the late Vincent.

Mojo (February 2001)

…there are some real gems that show even to the uninitiated that here was a band that never really fulfilled their potential…an interesting compilation that shows just a little of what this fine band was all about. An excellent booklet, as one would expect from Angel Air, which makes this a ‘must purchase’ for the fan

Feedback, (February 2001)

…this set is a cool sampling of tracks from as early as 1971 and as late as 1980….All the tracks are demos and/or unreleased…so collectors take note. There is a great edge to these tracks and even the so-called demo tracks pack some aural punch…Very listenable

Jeff Monk, Mohair Sweets (December 2000)

…a complicated collection of previously unreleased (or unreleased on CD) songs between 1970/81. Some are rather dated and then there are some that still stand up today, including two tremendous songs that should be proud to be in the twenty-first century. These last two on the album are hot, track 18 is “Play It Again” which was a demo from 81, but the piece de la resistance is 8.5 minutes of “I Can’t Take It No More” – live from the Marquee in ’80…this last track is the worth the cover price on its own. There’s just over an hour of music from a once sought after band. Crank it up loud and enjoy.

Modern Dance (April 2001)

Fans of keyboard laden rock will love this bombastic and melodramatic music

Hartlepool Mail (April 2001)

Very well assembled collection/bag of unreleased tunes…it’s a superb 19 track disc…Definitely a fine underground 70s act well worth checking out. Vince Crane’s killer keyboard work is worth the admission price alone. High commendation goes to Du Cann for taking the time and effort of digging through his vault for this priceless compilation.


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ATOMIC ROOSTER The First 10 Explosive Years Volume 2


Purveyors of classic organ driven Rock, Atomic Rooster have been well served by Angel Air’s excellent reissue programme…This CD culls together 18 remastered tracks from the period 1972-1982…and is generally a fine testament to a wonderfully inventive band…

For the very best of Atomic Rooster you can invest confidently in any of the band original albums, but releases such as this are fine samplers of the great British Progressive Rock bands.

Steve Ward, Wondrous Stories (Sep 2001)

This CD is a collection of rare Atomic Rooster songs…Heavy riffs, duelling guitar/Hammond organ solos, and with Paul Hammond’s essential drum playing. The CD – in excellent packaging…is a must have for connoisseurs of Heavy Rock.

Psychedelic Fanzine, (August 2001)

Not quite knowing what to expect from this latest Atomic Rooster collection…overall a better CD than I was expecting…

Jilly’s Rock World, (August 2001)

If Angel Air are issuing a box set in parts, this might be the least-played disc, but it’s still a part of the Rooster story.

Michael Heatley, Classic Rock (October 2001)

It provides all the usual treats you expect from Angel Air, and the ear-drum assault that you’d expect from the Rooster…it’s a great selection from start to finish…The sleevenotes…offer a superb band history. If you like Purple or Sabbath with a touch more eclecticism and energy, start here.

Joe Geesin, Record Collector (October 2001)

…musically this album shows how powerful a unit they could be with the Hammond organ and drums driving Du Cann further on both guitar and vocals…

Feedback, (November 2001)

Sweeping Hammond organ, hard rocking guitar and blistering drum beats combine to make the most memorable music.

Hartlepool Mail, 31 December 2001

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ATOMIC ROOSTER The First Ten Explosive Years


…My late teens were soothed by bands like Atomic Rooster, a band… that sat between progressive rock and heavy metal…

Very much compared with Deep Purple, this band achieved what few other rock bands achieved, that being several successes in the Top Ten singles chart. Those successes are heard here in live form, ‘Devil’s Answer’ and ‘Tomorrow Night’…

This album is 16 tracks long and is a rocking testament to that of the early 70′s and early ’80s. Those too young to remember could learn an awful lot by purchasing this, especially if your musical diet includes Deep Purple…

Martin Hudson, “Wondrous Stories”

Put together by guitarist and Rooster original John Du Cann, this oddly-titled 16-song ‘definitive’ covers the gamut of prog/hard rock that he espoused with ex-Arthur Brown organ whizz Vince Crane and buddies between ’70 and ’72, and then 1979-82…Squawkin’!

Tim Jones, “Record Collector” (March 1999)

One of the most enjoyable discs that has dropped through the mail slot this year…one of the best examples of the progressive rock/ heavy metal hybrid…be assured that the listener is taken on 75+ minute joy ride…which could just as easily have been titled “The Best Of Atomic Rooster”…As with all Angel Air releases this too comes with extensive liner notes and rare photos of the band

“On The Record” Music America magazine

…the songs stand up well, bringing into sharp focus the Rooster’s unique ability to marry metal toughness with prog pretensions in an eccentric style that’s so British.

For long standing fans, ‘…10 Explosive Years’ is a chance to rediscover old gems and hear a couple of unreleased tracks. If you’re not familiar with their work, check this out. You might be surprised.

Malcolm Dome, Classic Rock Jan-Feb 1999

… all who remember putting on their circa-1970 headphones and having their skull pecked open by a nuclear-powered chicken is not going to hold that against them. Atomic Rooster deserves far more respect than recent years (and reissues) have given the group. The First Ten Explosive Years goes some way to delivering that.

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine March1999

The album…contains some great stuff, and whilst a lot of it is definitely ‘of that period’ it still raises those neck hairs…

The Modern Dance #13

…strong and dynamic songs with lots of great solos on organ and guitar…and hot and furious interplay between these instruments…This ‘heavy progressive’ music often evokes a sound between Deep Purple and Argent but more aggressive and harder-edged…

Background (May 2000)

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BEARDED LADY The Rise And Fall


“The Rise and Fall” is a really good 70′s Hard Rock album, equally good with any release from the same period. “Rock Star” is the opening track of the album and the band’s first single. This song introduced the band to a bigger audience and helped them book venues throughout London…This Angel Air release contains four bonus live tracks form one of their performances in the “Marquee” – “The Riot”, “Silver Box”, “Thank You” and “Kerb Crawler”.

John Stefanis, (February 2004)

…generally rocks and bops through eleven songs of such overwhelming period charm that you forget you’re listening to music that’s been buried in a box for 30 years. The Rise And Fall sounds like every great glam album you’ve been in love with all your life.

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (February 2004)

…they come across as a Mott The Hoople without the keyboards. The melodies are good…Johnny has a vocal style which fits in well, and he is certainly sure of himself, and the result is a band that were probably a really good crack to go and see live.

Feedback (March 2004)

…one of the first glam rock bands of their time…A good sounding rock band who play a mixture of styles from other bands of the era…

Alistair Flynn, Classic Rock Society (March 2004)

…recorded back in 1975 and has been remastered to give you this great piece of rock history. This is well illustrated in the now legendary Angel Air cover booklets.

Benjy Mouse, Modern Dance (August 2004)

Bearded Lady could write a good tune, were all good musicians and had a good mix of self deprecation and hard attitude…Worth a listen…

The Chronicle, (May 2009)

There was clearly talent in the band and with better management, writing advice and production support they may well have been successful…The hilarious sleeve notes, especially Fred Sherriff’s recollection of their first gig, in themselves are worth the price of the CD

Classic Rock Society (August 2009)

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BEAU Edge Of The Dark: Unreleased Recordings 1972-1985


To our ears, his music sounds something like a cross between Donovan and Bert Jansch…His songs are based around a simply strummed acoustic guitar and he has a nice, subtle, underrated voice…Damn, this guy is good 5/5 (March 2009)

…a wonderful disc of acoustic beauty. A potent talent too long neglected, Beau may now finally get his due.

All Music Guide (April 2009)

(John) Peel called him “a remarkable writer and performer”… (April 2009)

I have to admit that folk music generally doesn’t make its way into my regular playlists that often, but I’m definitely making it a point to keep Edge Of The Dark set aside for that next rainy Sunday

Ryan Sparks, (May 2009)

…a masterful guitarist on the twelve string, a subtly nuanced singer and a strong songsmith who, with few means, put enchantment into penetrating (or impressive) folksongs, which also point to underlying Blues/Rock moments. A valuable rediscovery!

Good Times, (Germany) May 2009

…we can appreciate someone who John Peel said was a outstanding composer – good to listen in all circumstances…This album is one to be listened to when you have time to think and let the pieces of the Jigsaw fall into place … Beau is undoubtedly an artist to rediscover and this is a first choice compilation that will undoubtedly please folk fans and other music lovers. (***1/2)

Yann Carduner, Highlands magazine (May 2009)

…a likeable folky album

Classic Rock Society (June 2009)

…an acoustic performer who plays a 12 string and makes a lot of his delicate voice, subtle and understated, with an ability to pen some good songs, the man never managed to reach the audience he deserved and here’s a chance to rectify that.

Amplifier, (July 2009)

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BEDLAM Bedlam In Command 1973


…it’s the ensemble’s telepathy that’s on display here, and their command of the crowd. Sadly, their span was limited – the fact which renders the BEDLAM energy condensed and explosive to this day. ****1/3

DME Music Site

This set was taped on 22nd October 1973 – the date does have some significance – at the Command Studios Theatre in London and features, as you may expect, four extremely talented musicians contributing both individually and collectively to a hefty wodge of driving Seventies’ hard rock, not dissimilar to the overall sound of Nazareth, Uriah Heep and the like (in fact opener ‘I Believe In You’ could easy be Uriah Heep without the keys).

The extended work-out that is ‘Sarah’ together with ‘Seven Long Years’ (linked by some superb solo tub-thumping by Powell) ably showcase what Bedlam were all about – catchy songs, fluid solos and pure instrumental virtuosity – as does ‘The Fool’: an eleven-minute monster that comes over all slow ‘n’ bluesy at first before shifting gear and allowing firstly the bass-playing Ball and then his six-string brother to strut their stuff…

John Tucker (April 2012)

The album offers nine tracks plus the bonus “Dance With the Devil”, a breakthrough single, reaching third place in the UK charts, in this case a version played by the whole band. The sound is obviously very nostalgic and there are all the elements typical of the genre, a solid rhythmic base and exceptionally brilliant drumming…
…what matters is that it’s good rock music, at times you can also reach very high levels, as in “The Fool”, a song that is really full of emotions in its more than eleven minutes…

Rock Impressions

For this re-release, the original tapes of an October 1973 gig featuring most of their one studio album have been baked and enhanced. The results prove that brothers Dave Ball on guitar and Dennis Ball on bass were no slouches, and the voice of Frank Aiello (Gary Holton meets Noddy Holder) should clearly be more widely celebrated.

Classic Rock Magazine

Another quality archive release from heritage label Angel Air, In Command 73 marks a live recording from Bedlam, the band featuring the much missed Cozy Powell, undoubtedly one of the foremost hard rock drummers of all time.

Bedlam were only around for 12 months or so and together with Cozy the other members were Dave Ball (guitars), Denny Ball (bass) and vocalist Frank Aiello.

This performance was recording in London on October 22nd and was originally devised as a promotional aid to help launch the band in the US. There is a bonus track in the shape of Bedlam’s version of Cozy’s big hit “Dance With The Devil” although this is taken from an early ’74 TV broadcast and the quality is below par when compared with that of the gig itself.

Bedlam were all about solid 70′s hard rock and comparisons with Mountain and Cream would not be far from the mark. Powell unleashes his customary drum solo as an intro to ‘Seven Long Years’ and Ball’s riffs and solos are raw and aggressive, complemented by Aiello’s powerful and bluesy vocal delivery.
At eleven minutes plus, ‘The Fool’ shows Bedlam really stretching out with extended instrumental passages highlighting the chemistry between the musicians. ‘Dance With The Devil’ would be the catalyst that set Powell on his way to a career with Rainbow, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath and ELP amongst others but for Bedlam in marked the end of the road as they went their separate ways.

A fascinating release for fans of the 70′s and Powell in particular.

Dean Pedley, (October 2012)

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BEDLAM Live In Binghampton 1974


The main part of the album is hindered only slightly by the quality of the original recordings, but, nonetheless, really highlights the talents of a band firing on all cylinders and has me missing the firepower that these guys – especially the sorely missed Cozy Powell – could produce, whether together or separately, within the confines of another group. (March 2015)

The ante’s upped with the catchy funk of ‘Set Me Free’ where rhythm section excels in a cohesive jive while guitar rips and roars before all instrumentalists engage in an infectious dance around the riff. (February 2014)

This live album is definitely to be filed under ‘power rock’ – the opener ‘I Believe in You’, is very like Deep Purple in sound, but the other tracks show a leaning towards the blues-rock. The recording was pieced together by Denny using a computer program called Cool Edit and the sound quality is excellent. Also featured is an interview with the band undertaken in the middle of the broadcast, before they launched into the epic 21-minute track called ‘The Fool’, which features amazing solos.

Bolton News (November 2013)

Billed as one of the hardest working like bands of the early ’70s, and just a few tracks into this you are hard pushed to doubt it.

The pure energy of this set recorded on a US tour is immense. Formed by ex-Procol Harum guitarist Dave Ball, Bedlam were a classic rock band right out of the Cream school of super groups…This album gives an insight into what might have been. If Powell hadn’t derailed Bedlam with his own solo success they could have been one of the biggest rock bands of the ’70s.

Daily Echo (November 2013)

…the sound quality of the original 5 track live show – which is bolstered here by an interview with the band and a studio remix of ‘The Beast’ – really is excellent, and as stated previously the musicianship is of the highest quality (as you would expect). Just listen out for some blistering (almost Blackmore-esque) guitar work from Dave Ball on ‘The Fool’, a track which also includes a thundering bass and drum workout from Denny and Cozy which in typical mid ’70s fashion clocks in at a staggering 21 minutes plus. Phew!

‘Live In Binghampton 1974′ then is an intriguing piece of musical history, not least because I found out that a place called Binghampton actually exists.

Uber Rock (November 2013)

The members of Bedlam included Powell on drums, Dave Ball (ex-Procol Harum) on guitar, Denny Ball on bass, and vocalist Frank Aiello. These guys delivered some scorching blues rock/proto metal, featuring Ball’s searing lead guitar work upfront and center, Aiello’s powerful vocals, and the furious rhythms of Powell & Ball.

“I Believe in You” kicks off this set with some heavy rock riffs from Ball, a scorcher of a track that needs to be heard to be believed…The band get their Cream/Free groove on with “Set Me Free”, a down & dirty heavy blues rocker, again with Ball firing off some scalding riffs & solos while Cozy plays like a man possessed underneath.

Sea Of Tranquillity (October 2013)

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BELL & MARTIN Together Again


…Some of these ten cuts, like the tinseltown glitz of “Walking On Air” sound a tad dated, though the disco jive of “Who’s Kiddin’ Who”, where Madeline’s crystal-sharp vocals fly over the finger-popping twang, proves irresistible. The silkier approach to the orchestra-wrapped title track, a duet with Martin, works fine; still, surprisingly, the urban grit in Bell’s voice comes forth on the lush ballad “East Side, West Side”.

…the emotional peak is reached in AMMO’s own perennial, “Can’t Smile Without You”, sung here in fragile fashion by Josie Martin and her dad David. A pleasant public addition to the master’s impressive catalogue. ***

DME Music Site

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BILLY BOY ARNOLD Chicago Blues From Islington Mews 1977


This album has become somewhat legendary over time…so fans of British blues rock will definitely want to get their hands on this one. In addition to the twelve cuts that appeared on the original album, this CD also features three bonus tracks (“It’s Great To Be Rich,” “Just A Dream,” “Catfish”). This should be instantly appealing to fans of Jimi Hendrix. (April 2013)

The performances on Ah’W Baby, Eldorado Cadillac, Just a Dream and Catfish not only exemplify a true Chicago great at his best – they also give you a warm, nostalgic taste of an exciting time in British blues, as it punched through the tail-end of punk hell bent on survival. Buy it, turn it up, (right up) and you’ll dance – I guarantee it.

Blues Matters

If you want a taste of down on your luck blues look no further than ‘Blue and Lonesome’, slow paced and down beat, and if you want more lively fare ‘Eldorado Cadillac’ has a touch of rockabilly and Bill Haley about it.

This release also includes three bonus tracks including the furiously paced ‘Catfish’ and is packaged superbly with sleeve notes explaining how this recording came about. If you enjoy your blues this one is for you.

Classic Rock Society

The Calvin Carter cover ‘Eldorado Cadillac’ is bursting with a stonkin’ Muscle Shoals sound, cranked up by the flaming licks and rhythm of The Groundhogs, and immaculately held together by Billy Boy’s classy blues voice. ‘Mary Berenice’ boasts a fantastic blues rock rhythm … a bit of boogie, a little honky tonk, plenty of soul and a general Southern rock vibe.

A sublime album, and justly regarded as one of Billy Boy Arnold finest moments!

Claudia A,

…“Sweet Miss Bea”, as polished as it comes, rumbles quite infectiously, with all the bells and no whistles in McPhee’s solo, whereas Little Walter’s “Blue And Lonesome” catches Arnold in his most lachrymose mode and overlaps lyrically with the sped-up and unison-driven “Catfish”, one of the bonuses here, the real gem of which is “It’s Great To Be Rich”, where BB’s harmonica reigns and runs amok. Talk about right place and time, then.

They don’t make blues like these anymore.

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BJ ANDERS & THE BUCCANEERS – ‘Argentine A-Go-Go’ Live!


BJ ANDERS & THE BUCCANEERS perform ‘Argentine A-Go-Go’, taken from their debut album

‘Rockin’ With The Devil’, released 10th June 2013 on Angel Air Records.

Click the image below for more information:

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