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While we’re sad about the demise of The Storys we actually can’t be too incredibly weepy…because Closure is an absolutely wonderful pop album full of beautiful flowing melodies and vocals that are out-of-this-world…this man and his friends have come up with a collection of modern pop classics that will surely stand the test of time.

baby sue

Joined by his fellow ex-band mates Rob Thompson (vox, guitar) and Alan Thomas (keys, mandolin, banjo), Closure contains ten well-crafted songs ranging from rock-ballad styles (‘Believe’, ‘All The Things You Dream Of’) to classic power rock ‘Find Your Own Way Back’.

‘You Say Nothing’ is a beautiful love song full of vocal harmony and stripped of unnecessary instrumental overload, while ‘Over Again’ is yet another example of how strong a song can be even if the ingredients are kept simple.

The excellent ‘Two Horse Race’ is Tom Petty influenced (is there any Americana-style music that isn’t?). Fantastic arrangements and great lyrics – what more can you want from a track?

…Closing track ‘Only One Right’ kicks of in a fragile and gentle manner, only to drift into a fantastic guitar and keyboard solo toward the end of the song.

Andy Collins has done more than well with this his first solo album, and I be damned if an equally impressive follow-up shouldn’t be in the cards. 4/5 stars.

Music News (March 2012)

…the austere artwork houses a lot of emotions that flow out in a passionate, if reserved, manner from the honeyed hymn of “Believe” where acoustic tide breaks over the four-string cliffs, while “Find Your Own Way Back” rolls this optimism down the electric road, its piano riffs set against the pseudo-Americana haze through which a steel guitar cuts, and there’s an elegiac beauty to “All The Things You Dream Of”.

These three pieces that open “Closure” serve as a template for the rest of the tracks that never get more impressive but expand the picture to a fully fledged vista full of harmonies and colors. An aural kaleidoscope becomes hauntingly hypnotic on “Over Again” to render a deceptively simple song irresistible, but the harmonica in “Something New” adds an old-timey smell to the folky motif which exchanges mellowness for the bubbly spark and a bright guitar solo in “Story Town” to cast a glance back to where Collins’ strong voice comes from. So a page has been turned for the better now. ****

DME Music Site

The vocal interplay between Collins, Thompson, Thomas and guitarist Matt John really is a highlight on this disc, as is the clear, sharp production…An album to sit back and relax to ‘Closure’ doesn’t reinvent the wheel, neither does it grab you by the throat and give you a good shake. However, let its gentle charms and sumptuously crafted hooks take effect and you’ll find yourself singing these subtly crafted songs for days on end.

Fireworks magazine

Angel Air are best known for their key reissue CDs yet with the 2012 CD release of Closure from singer-songwriter Andy Collins, they deliver a modern pop masterpiece. The ten track, 43 minute album provides ample proof as to why Collins was such a vital component of the band The Storys…Alan Thomas balances things out quite amazingly with his wide ranging keyboard sounds including mellotron. Interestingly, Closure was mastered by Pete Townshend producer / engineer Jon Astley. Come to think of it, Andy does sound somewhat like Townshend’s genius / protégé Billy Nicholls – he’s just that cool.

MWE3.COM (April 2012)

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ANDY DAVIS Clevedon Pier


Originally released in 1989, its keyboard sound does sound somehow dated, but since the music is rather minor and restrained, the effect of this aging is greatly diminished and is negligible when compared to the emotional, personal dimension that enriches the album and places it above other new-age works.

…the album is gentle and restrained…Once again, Angel Air have produced a fine booklet with two bonus tracks…

Classic Rock Society (November 2005)

…it’s largely one man and his synthesizer, introspective and engaging.

Record Collector (December 2005)

Tranquil songs and subtle instrumental passages combine to create an unassuming gem which was initially aimed at the then fashionable ‘new age’ market

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser

…it is so laid back it is horizontal – in the right mood then this would be essential…

Feedback (November 2005)

…on this beautifully crafted 12-tracker he demonstrates his wealth of musical talent, from the slow and easy to the traditional as well as the jazzy. This really is a rich offering of styles and sounds.

Hartlepool Mail (March 2006)

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ANDY SCOTT The Solo Singles


The tracks are all very contemporary-sounding (for the eighties), with some dance numbers and songs that are very much electronically-based.

One special track on this collection is Be With You Soon, which was recorded for a Sweet compilation; the track was never used and the master tape was lost. Luckily, it turned up at a record fair and it’s released here for the first time – along with Galaxy, the theme to the TV show of the same name.

OK, these songs were never going to be on a Sweet album, but they deserve a hearing – and here’s our chance.

Martin Hutchinson (November 2013)

…the demo version of “Where D’Ya Go”, which features just acoustic guitar, hand claps and vocals is quite wonderful…Add to that two versions of “Galaxy”, a song intended for a never commissioned TV show fronted by Kenny Everett, “Be With You Soon”, a lost song intended originally as a bonus for a Sweet compilation, and “Ulysses” and “Safety Net”, which are a pair of tracks intended as singles, but which never saw the light of day, and this collection becomes rather desirable for his fans.

Sea Of Tranquillity (November 2013)

Another Sweet related CD released in 2013 on Angel Air is Solo Singles by Sweet guitarist Andy Scott. Most of the tracks on Solo Singles were cut by Andy Scott back in the 1980s. There’s a definite Sweet flavored ‘glam-rock’ edge to many of the songs on Solo Singles, while both of these intriguing Sweet related Angel Air CDs feature excellent sound, packaging with 2013 liner notes that brings the Sweet story up to date. (October 2013)

The tracks are all very contemporary-sounding (for the ’80s), with some dance numbers and songs that are very much electronically-based. One special track, Be With You Soon, was recorded for a Sweet compilation; it was never used and the master tape was lost. It turned up at a record fair and it is released here for the first time, along with Galaxy, the theme to the TV show of the same name. OK, these songs were never going to be on a Sweet album, but they deserve a hearing – and here’s our chance. (October 2013)

A collectors piece for any self-respecting Sweet fan, not to mention a must for collectors of 80′s electro-pop. (October 2013)

This new Angel Air anthology gives British record-buyers an opportunity to discover just what they missed during this period, serving up a synth-laden selection of archetypally ’80s pop ditties in the mould of Go West or Power Station.

Kevin Bryan, Regional Newspapers (October 2013)

…Such is “Krugerrands”: a prime example of riffing amid the synthetic dabs, it hit the Top 10 in Australia and South Africa and its instrumental mix, “Krugerrmental” (also present here) was turned by Lene Lovich into “Wonderland,” even though it can’t rival the demo of “Where D’ya Go”, a sequel of sorts to “The Six Teens”, for the flamenco-colored catchiness…Scattered throughout are many promising bits and pieces that could have been used later on for SWEET… (September 2013)

‘Kruggerands’ is the sort of sleazy riff-rock that Robert Palmer excelled at, while jaunty ‘Galaxy’ is the theme tune to a Kenny Everett pilot which never made it to the screen. Pick of the bunch is Bolan-esque ballad ‘Lady Starlight’…the inclusion of a track called ‘Krugermental’ and press shots of Scott cosying up to Page Three girls suggest Scott was never having less than a good time.

Classic Rock Magazine (August 2013)

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Angel Air Artists On Tour!!

Ian Hunter March 2013 Tour Dates: Mar 05 Teatro Miela Trieste, Italy Mar 06 Club Retro Vicenza, Italy Mar 07 Cineteatro Parrocchiale Cologne, Italy Mar 09 Muhle Hunziken Rubigen, Switzerland Mar 12 Tavistock Wharf Tavistock, United Kingdom Mar 13 The … Continue reading

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Angel Air Records (where the artist has a voice), has been operating and trading successfully since 1997. Spearheaded by its driving force Peter Purnell, Angel Air has become a major force in the record industry.

Early in 2013, Peter was offered an album by singer/songwriter David Martin. The album was a mix of standard songs by the very best of American Songbook Songwriters. The sound of the Terry Coffey Trio and David’s soothing tones propelled Peter to release the album in April on a brand new imprint ‘Angel Air Nostalgia’.


Having started out his music career as singer, for David, this has been a journey of full circle and this album showcases his unique appealing style and vocal, which do the songs great credit. The title of the album ‘Silky Smooth Moments’ was inspired by David’s producer on the project Graham Noon, who repeatedly remarked during the recording process, how silky smooth David’s voice sounded.

Of course with a background of songwriting achievements to his name, featuring a who’s who of artists including, Elvis Presley, Barry Manilow, The Carpenters, Cliff Richard, Guys & Dolls, Boyzone and many others, it was hardly surprising that David could hardly resist coming up with a song of the same name and so, ‘Silky Smooth Moments’, featuring Terry Coffey on piano and David on vocal, is now the lead track on the album.

In anyone’s estimation, this album from David is long overdue and if current reaction is anything to go by, there is little doubt that it will make an enduring impact with lovers of tasteful and romantic music for some time to come.

Click here to order your copy of ‘Silky Smooth Moments’

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ATOMIC ROOSTER Anthology 1969-1981


… alternate mixes, rare or unreleased, of some of the best material by this British power trio. Such outings are fine for fans but such is the quality on offer, ‘Anthology 1969-1991′ still affirms the Rooster as one of the finest hard/progressive rock acts of its day with nary a barrel scraping in sight…this is a commendable re-route to the heart of a fine band.

Peter Muir (February 2009)

…a definitive 2 disc collection…demos, alternate versions and unreleased gems…when you add in liner notes, rare pictures and track commentary courtesy of Du Cann it all adds up to an excellent package.

Sea Of Tranquility (March 2009)

…it’s a fine example of how a power-rock trio should sound. Effectively the missing link between Cream and Rush.

Martin Hutchinson, The Bolton News (February 2009)

Excellent double disc overview of one of Great Britain’s most underrated hard rock bands from the 1970s…If you never climbed aboard the rooster, this is the place to start 5/5 (March 2009)

High energy, Hammond organ-driven rock courtesy of the early 70s, quite possibly the one Rooster collection you should get if you want to hear how it should be done.

Amplifier magazine (May 2009)

Both of these discs are crammed full of the classic sounding Atomic Rooster that rock fans have come to know and love… (April 2009)

…a collection of alternative versions and rarities…still has a pull like a good old movie. (June 2009)

…the inventive interplay between guitarist Du Cann and organist Vincent Crane is the highlight of an excellent prog-rock set

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (September 2009)

The year 1971 was the highlight for UK rock trio Atomic Rooster…they serve up tracks including ‘Devil’s Answer’, ‘Death Walks Behind You’, ‘Friday 13th’ and a live version of ‘Tomorrow Night’.

Bev Bevan

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You wouldn’t normally put money on prog legends mixing it up with the NWoBHM, but this 1980 reformation and EMI signing is a return to form and it did a pretty good job.

First time on CD, it is well packaged with some bonus tracks. No excuses to overlook it this time round. ****

Joe Geesin,
(October 2005)

As usual Angel Air has done excellent production work…

Classic Rock Society (November 2005)

Atomic Rooster Mark II were a different proposition from the band who had scored big hits…the new material plainly fashioned to complete with the sound of what longhairs were calling NWOBHM…An attractive enough trinket for more avid fans…

Record Collector (January 2006)

…the reissue of this 1980 album proves that they, like peers such as Budgie, deserve considerably more respect for their consistent excellence…This album may not be a masterpiece, but it has enough moments of clarity and musicality to warrant a place in any collection.

Classic Rock (December 2005)

…Rooster devotees should welcome the album’s long overdue release in CD form now.

Kevin Bryan (January 2006)

…Angel Air have done a great job of the reissue, here with two extra songs and plenty of information within the booklet.

Feedback (February 2006)

…if you’re unfamiliar with this stunning release, do yourself a favour, slip on this CD, crank up the volume and let the Rooster crow.

Hartlepool Mail (March 2006)

The sound is very good and the booklet is very informative…This is a piece of quality that will fit not only in a prog collection.

Maelstrom (March 2006)

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This album contains a more modern ROOSTER with influences from New Wave and possibly punk. “A Matter of Time” is one of the better tracks of the album. They still knew how to construct songs and write lyrics, they had simply changed though. A song like “Cut the Wire” is still interesting, it is just not what I expect of an ATOMIC ROOSTER album.

These recordings are somewhat stark and naked…and the odd electronic percussion doesn’t really fit the music. But if you concentrate on substance, Rooster fans are likely to find some real gems in this obscure little basket…An interesting snapshot of things that never gelled decades ago. (March 2008)

Hard-core fans may claim the 17 rough sketches presented here (alongside the Vic Maile-produced singles) to be of Holy Grail significance…

Classic Rock (April 2008)

If Polydor had let Atomic Rooster finish their Homework…it could have been fantastic…

Record Collector (April 2008)

…a bold collection of some diversity that reaches back into their early 70′s roots, while embracing some of the contemporary new wave snarling energy alongside elements of blues and prog rock…with its myriad of approaches, its imagination and energy, ultimately rewards.

RocknReel, April/May 2008

…tracks that were receorded for an aborted Polydor album between 1979 and 1981…

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (May 2008)

…a tantalizing glimpse of what might have been had record company executives not moved on to the ‘Next Big Thing’. (April 2008)

…UK raunchy rock, heavy, plenty of organ and guitars…including a nice live version of Devils Answer.

Feedback (April 2008)

A band to be discovered and rediscovered…

Odymetal, (May 2008)

Pretty much each and every one of these twenty-three songs were well written and clearly had strong arrangements intact… Store this one right next to your Rooster classics ‘Death Walks Behind You’, ‘In Hearing of…’ and ‘Live At The Marquee’. A must-have. (May 2008)

…completes the story in the fine style…remind us why the Rooster still was crowing so loudly.

Jo-Ann-Greene, Goldmine (May 2008)

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ATOMIC ROOSTER Live And Raw 70/71


To be fair to Angel Air, they have issued a warning in the sleeve notes about the (sound) quality and the album title has obviously been well chosen as it describes the contents perfectly. Tracks 1 to 4 were recorded live in London in 1970 and are believed to be the only known live recordings in existence featuring the original line-up of John Du Cann, Vincent Crane and Carl palmer. These songs alone make this album an indispensable piece of rock history…The disc is accompanied by an excellent booklet with extensive sleeve notes by John Du Cann

Steve Ward, Wondrous Stories (April 2000)

…the whole hour has merit once your ears attune to the bootleg quality

Michael Heatley, Classic Rock (June2000)

…despite the poor recording quality, the excitement of a Rooster concert is obvious. An interview in the sleevenotes helps fill in the history, too

Joe Geesin, Record Collector (May 2000)

…there is no doubting the historical importance of these recordings

Feedback (June 2000)

…from a musical point of view it really rips…The attractiveness of the publication is in picking up a fat book full of unique Atomic Rooster photographs and little known facts from the group’s history.

Fists In Pockets (Poland) (April/May 2000)

…there’s some great playing and terrific inventiveness that you could get away with back in the 70′s…the album as a whole is a welcome addition for the avid collector and trust Angel Air to fill that gap.

Modern Stories (September 2000)

Those nice people at Angel Air Records have released …Live And Raw 70/71…which contains eight previously unreleased live tracks from two concerts. The quality of the recording is dodgy in places…but this is a collector’s album…a piece of history…treat it with the respect it deserves!

Frank Blades, Rockhaven

…Angel Air have placed quite large warnings on this CD “the sound quality is very rough” – their honesty speaks for itself, but frankly I am so grateful to hear these wonderful performances.

Zabadak, No.18

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ATOMIC ROOSTER Live At The Marquee 1980


I would imagine live this band were good value and well worth seeing. The power of the performances comes through loud and clear on the CD. The whole package is well presented with informative sleeve notes…One for Atomic Rooster fans and those who enjoy the 70′s hard rock sound.

Jason Ritchie, get ready to ROCK! (November 2002)

John du Cann has never sounded so deranged on vocals, nor Vincent Crane’s Hammond organ so depraved.

Tony Shevlin, East Anglian Magazine (November 2002)

This is the closest the fans can get to an Atomic Rooster gig, as they never released a live album during their career and the only other CD to feature live material takes its source from two different periods. I can remember seeing the band at this time and this goes some way to capturing the sweaty noisy atmosphere that they generated.

…Invaluable to the fan and worthwhile to those yet to discover them.

Feedback (January 2003)

…the sheer wall of sonic guitar oblivion and organ-grinding power on show is a superb sound. Old hits (‘Tomorrow Night’ and ‘Death Walks Behind You’) sit well next to then-newer songs such as ‘Do You Know Who’s Looking For You’, which has become a classic in the interim.

…this is an archival gem – another Angel Air treasure.

Record Collector (January 2003)

This classic power trio transcend the fairly ropey sound quality to deliver energised performances of Rooster standards…

Retford Times (January 2003)

The sound quality of this 75-minute recording will have true Rooster fans wetting their beds….Atomic Rooster combines brilliant swirling Hammond organ, heavily tuned guitar, and earth pounding drums to create a form of heavy rock that seems to be missing in today’s music scene. A must have. Nice packaging job, as with most Angel Air releases.

Mike Reed Banzai (February 2003)

…a 10 track leviathan that captures the band at the peak of their flirtation with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal…Live At the Marquee is the best-sounding of all the band’s available live recordings and rounds up some of their best-loved tracks…

Jo-Anne Greene, Goldmine (February 2003)

The music is power rock; it’s live and that’s what Atomic Rooster did best, strong keyboards from Vincent and great pounding drums from Paul…play it loud.

Mr Dent, Modern Dance (June 2003)

This classy power trio transcend the fairly ropey sound quality to deliver energised performances of Atomic Rooster standards…for your listening pleasure

Kevin Bryan, Belfast Telegraph

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